February Goals & Intentions Review

February Goals & Intentions Review

Since today is the last day of February (What!?) I’m sharing how my goals for the month went! I’d love to hear how your own goals went this month in the comment section below! 

February Goals & Intentions Review

Create my Baby Registry: Yes! Last weekend Daniel and I were able to go in and start our registry. We will need to go back another time or two to finish it up, but I feel like we’ve made a good dent! 

Keep Moving: I think I’m doing the best I can on this! Some days a stretch is all I can handle because I’m exhausted, having lots of hip pain, or both! 

Plan March Content: Check! I’ve got a good plan for next month’s content on my little planner so I feel like I can work ahead should I have any additional time!

Begin Devotional Book: Nope! Haven’t started this one yet!

Read Before Bed: I have been so tired that I’ve basically been falling right to sleep when I decide it’s time. However, I have been reading more while on the train and on my lunch break at work which has been lovely!

Try One New Recipe/Week: I tried about two or three new recipes this month which ended up almost being once a week! I’m slowly making my way through all of those recipes I’ve been wanting to try! All the while adding more and more…

Do you have a million recipes waiting to be made? Do you read before bed? 

Tell me in the comments below!

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13 thoughts on “February Goals & Intentions Review

  1. Haha your last line…. yep. I’m also getting through more recipes I’ve had on my list, but that doesn’t mean the list doesn’t keep growing on the other end. I’ve been wanting to get back to watching more movies and shows and keep meaning to turn off my computer to do so before bed, but I always just end up internet scrolling or going to sleep instead. So this is still on my goal list. Great job planning out your next month’s content!

  2. Oh gosh – my problem with trying new recipes is that I have SO many ideas in my head that I just never know where to start! I typically go off of cravings 😉 I actually like to read my Bible and journal before bed!

    • Yes! Its hard to narrow which one to make. Cravings are a big help though! Bible before bed would be a good time–although lately I have trouble keeping my eyes open once I’m in the bed!

  3. Haha… Yes, i have so many recipes I want to try and I want to develop a few too; there just isn’t enough time, so I have a recipe board on Pinterest titled ‘Recipe to Try’ so I can have a bit of an idea of what to do next.

    Sometimes I like to read my Bible or another book before bed, or read it on my I-pod. I also love to journal occasionally.

    • I made a “Tested and Approved” recipe board on Pinterest to attempt to start weaning down some recipes once I actually try them!

  4. Don’t even ask about the number of recipes I’ve been meaning to try. My problem is being unable to decide which one to start with – in the end not trying any. Very smart. Not.
    Creating the registry has to be a lot of fun and get you even more excited about soon welcoming your little one into the world.
    On reading: I do a little before bed but even more so in the morning. I’m -not- a morning person by any means so right now the perspective of getting to read on in my current book is a little silver lining.

    • I think that sticking to easy quick recipes I make on a weekly basis sometimes causes me to not try new ones. During the week the tried and true recipes are a life saver with time. I could see starting the day with reading being lovely! I do enjoy reading on the train in the mornings sometimes–if I can actually get a seat!

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