February Goals & Intentions

February Goals & Intentions

And just like that, we’re in to February! I’m sharing my monthly goals and intentions today. Please share your own in the  comment section below. I’m excited to hear what your goals are too!

February Goals & Intentions

  • Create my Baby Registry:We’ll be finding out the gender next week, so once we know, I’m ready to start my registry! If you have any recommendations, must-have’s, or favorites, tell me in the comments below!
  • Keep Moving: I’ve been trying to remain as active as possible  throughout my pregnancy. This wasn’t possible for me when I was really sick, but now I’ve been able to workout again. My goal this month is to keep moving on a regular basis. Whether this means a stretch before bed or full workout will of course depend. 
  • Plan March Content: It’s been great being ahead on posts the past month or two. I want to continue to stay ahead on blog posts by planning out my March content.
  • Begin Devotional Book: My devotional book came in the mail finally! It’s a year long study and I’d like to start it this month. It’s a Monday-Friday structure with a different focus for each day.
  • Read Before Bed: I was in such a great reading rhythm in the summer and fall and now I’m totally out of it! I’d like to try and get back in the habit of spending a few minutes before bed reading and not scrolling or spending more time on my phone. 
  • Try One New Recipe/Week: I have a million recipes pinned and saved for later. I want to make a point of trying one or two new recipes every week as part of my planned meals! 

Thank you, Amanda for letting me think out loud!

What are your February goals? What are you reading right now?

Tell me in the comments below!

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21 thoughts on “February Goals & Intentions

  1. I love that everyone is posting goals at the beginning of the month! So fun to read! You have great goals for the month! I’ve been reading before bed lately too, and I’ve found it makes me sleep a lot better! It’s very relaxing!

  2. I’m curious about your Devotional book. This sounds like a wonderful way to start/end? each day. I’d love to hear some examples of the questions it asks you if you ever feel like sharing.
    I have a goal to focus better on new TV shows. Instead of amorously scrolling through blogs and the internet at night I’d like to continue working on doing one thing at a time and getting into TV shows I’ve been wanting to watch.

  3. One of my goals for February is to get a few blog posts written and scheduled before my surgery so I don’t have to do much thinking while I’m knee deep in pain meds. 😉 I’m also starting back to school so managing that, too, is a big goal!

  4. Love your goals!!
    One of the goals that my hubby and I made together is to read our Bibles together before bed, even if it’s just for 10 minutes 🙂

  5. Such lovely goals! My main goal for February is to make space for more me-time. With 2 under 3 year olds it can be super difficult to just step back, take a moment and just relax. I´m hoping I can get better at it, because for the past 2 months, I have been running around like a madman.

    • That’s an important one and so hard to find time for! I hope you take the time for yourself–it sounds like you deserve it!!

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