Food is Just Food

Food is Just Food

While I love the idea of starting fresh in January for the new year, a lot of crash diets and crazy things also tend to pop up around the inter-webs. So many of these things are not safe and are not healthy. It makes me sad when certain diets and lifestyles are praised and so many people fall in to unhealthy habits.

The food and drink we put in to our bodies is so important.  I’m a huge advocate for healthy eating habits, lots of organic produce, and an active lifestyle. BUT, when fear of “bad”foods take a hold of someone’s life and their eating habits are obsessive, it becomes an issue. It’s a time to step back and remember that food is just food! 

Food is Just Food

  • Food is Fuel: When I think about food being fuel it definitely affects my food choices. Fuel is so important for our everyday living but it’s not something to obsess over. Make mindful food choices and move on. Don’t dwell on “bad” food choices from before and don’t fear the food choices you may have to make later on in the day! 
  • We can’t Always Control Every Ingredient: (Of course, this does not apply to allergies and intolerances!) People may host dinner for us or bring us a meal out of love or to celebrate a special occasion. Maybe it’s not something we’d normally eat and maybe it’s something we might want to label as “unhealthy” or “bad”. Rather than have anxiety, get angry, or eat before you go somewhere new…just enjoy it! Food is just food. Enjoy the company and don’t obsess.
  • Food is meant to be enjoyed: Food is fuel, it’s so important and  it should be wholesome and healthy. YES! I do truly believe all of those things that I just listed. HOWEVER, there is also another aspect of food that is NOT to be forgotten! Food is also meant to be enjoyed! Savor delicious food, enjoy the experience with friends and loved ones, and remember that food can be enjoyed too…even if it’s not something you might label as the perfect health food.

Final Thoughts:

So, please…make your 2017 a healthy one. I hope that the food choices and lifestyle choices you make this year are wholesome and healthy. But I also hope that you remember that no one is perfect, food is sometimes not healthy, food is sometimes out of our control, and food is just in fact…food! 

Thoughts? Do you have anxiety over certain foods? How do you keep balanced?

Tell me in the comments below!

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25 thoughts on “Food is Just Food

  1. Love this post. It took me a while to get here but you are right – food is just food! I try really hard now to STOP looking at food as a calorie source and instead focus on the fuel and nutrients it is providing me. Even then though – I don’t always focus on that! Because if I did, why would I ever eat cake? Obviously sugar and simple carbs aren’t fueling me or nutritious for my body – but they are for my MIND!! It’s a crazy balance between doing what’s best for your body and fighting against restrictions that can screw with your head.

  2. I really like the idea of reminding myself that “food is fuel.” Not only does this help me give my body ample calories and eat frequently, but also reminds me that my body and mind will work best when I give it proper nutrients. And LOTS of them. I often will refuel after a workout with something sugary or nutrient deprived – and of course this is find on occasion – but my body will actually feel BETTER if I give it proper fuel with lots of nutrients.

  3. It’s like you wrote this post for me! Food has always been a struggle. I used to be the kind of person who would be afraid to go out to eat for fear of not knowing all the nutrition facts in each item I ordered. Now I’m over on the other end of the spectrum where I’m a little TOO outta control. I feel like food controls me and my mind and my thoughts. It’s not a healthy place to be in, but it’s always been so hard for me to find a balance!

    • You’re so right! It’s so hard to find that balance–the only thing we can do is find what works best for us without beating ourselves up when we aren’t perfect!

  4. Love this Heather! I think it is so important to remember that at the end of the day, it is just food and it shouldn’t be something to stress about. When I was working as a health coach, I always tried to take the approach of adding healthy foods into my clients diets versus taking away all the unhealthy foods from the start. A healthy lifestyle should be about all the good food you get to enjoy, not about all the foods you “can’t” have.

  5. I totally agree with you on this one. Food is great, but it’s not everything. Sometimes I have days where I eat a lot of really nutrient dense foods and plants, and other days, there isn’t a trace of green. It’s the overall picture that matters to me.

  6. I so agree, Heather. It’s great to eat healthy foods that nourish our bodies–but we can also afford it much more weight (and much more fear) that it deserves, until our quest to be “healthy” makes us less healthy than we were when we ate freely.

  7. Amen, Heather! I pinned this post so I can come back to it whenever I’m having a “bad day” with food. I tend to limit myself of the treats I have, but sometimes I get too rigid with myself. This post was a great encouragement that all food is just food. Thank you!

  8. YES. Food is meant to be enjoyed for sure. Food is fuel and I love fueling my body with good, high quality and nourishing foods but I think denying ourselves of anything never leads to any good!

  9. Such a great post, Heather. SO GOOD. Ah, yes, there are so many things I could say. I have not always had a healthy relationship with food (Never talk about it on the blog- maybe one day), but you are so right- it’s to be enjoyed. It’s to be consumed, not to consume us. I have learned the importance of little indulgences each day. I want to savor and look forward to every meal, and I try to listen to my body (the whole intuitive eating thing, sorta). I try to live by the 80/20 rule, but the 80% that is healthy, I want to make sure it’s a healthy that I enjoy. Thanks for sharing this, again… It’s so important

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