The Foodie Friday That Never Was

The Foodie Friday That Never Was

This week has been exhausting and busy. I went on vacation last week and this week’s been tough getting back in to the swing of things. Rather than force myself to stay up late and create my recipe, I’m going to get some rest so I’m ready for another work day. 

We are all busy. Each day being pulled in different directions and having to make many choices. I think especially women tend to push away their own needs in order to please someone else. It’s important to remember that our health and our own needs are also important. Don’t forget that!

So Guess What?

I was feeling extra tired and stressed from the work day and I’ve decided to honor my body. My body needs extra rest right now, so I’m going to bed. The blog can wait. My recipe will still be there for another week. It will all work out. It will all be okay.

Your feelings and your needs are valid. If you need food, take time to feed yourself. Need some alone time? Light some candles and enjoy! Don’t forget to care for yourself. After all, we can’t properly care for others if we aren’t first taking care of ourselves. Have a wonderful weekend, friends! I’ll be enjoying some relaxing! 

What do you neglect to do for yourself? What can you do for yourself today?

Tell me in the comments below!

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18 thoughts on “The Foodie Friday That Never Was

  1. A recipe can most definitely wait. There are plenty fridays waiting ahead for you. I tend to neglect time with others for myself. I tell myself I’m too tired or I don’t feel like it, but I know it would lift my spirits to do so.
    Have a wonderful weekend my dear and RELAX!

    • Oh yeah, I definitely do that sometimes too! Especially when I’m in a not so great mood. But, the times I force myself out with friends, it almost always lifts my spirits!

  2. It is so good to listen to your body and emotions and the needs of your soul and just take a step back; don’t feel bad about missing Foodie Friday at all. <3 Love you Heather. Rest well!

  3. Good for you listening to your own body and needs. Rest is so important. Can’t wait to see your next Foodie Friday when you are all rested up! Have a great rest of your weekend.

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