Fridge Organization 101

Fridge Organization 101

Hello one and all. I hope you all survived the 2016 blizzard that hit pretty much all of the east coast this weekend! I am currently typing this up during the blizzard and glad to be safe and warm inside! Friday after work I had to get some groceries and everyone was prepping for the storm so I had to wait in this line:
2016-01-22 17.05.10

Total insanity but at least the woman in front of me got her “Red Hots”  🙂 haha!

 Today I thought I’d share my refrigerator organization tips to make healthy eating a breeze during the week. As always, feel free to chime in with your own tips and tricks in the comments below!

  • Wash and prep fruits and veggies and place them in clear containers. I like to stack the containers and put them on the first or second shelf so that my eye goes to those snacks first. 
  • Buy healthy grab and go snacks and have them within easy reach. My two go-to refrigerated snacks are string cheese (which I usually pair with some raw almonds) and Greek Yogurt cups.
  • I always make sure I have grapefruits, oranges, and/or clementines stocked in the fruit drawer in the fridge. I usually keep citrus in the fridge and don’t like to cut them up before I eat them. Peel and enjoy!
  • I keep non-snacking veggies in the veggie drawer which I use for the week’s recipes. Any large bins of spinach or kale I keep on the bottom shelf. 
  • I also keep seltzer water and coffee creamer on the top shelf with almond milk and my Brita pitcher. The seltzer is great for when I’m bored with regular water but don’t want to drink soda or juice. There are tons of flavors of seltzer! I usually get lemon. 
  • Leftovers go in to containers and placed on the bottom shelf for lunches during the week. Wasting food is something I try extremely hard not to do! Plus I’m saving money on packing my lunches rather than buying them at work. Win-win!


(The almond milk,green juice, and water pitcher are invisible because of the refrigerator light…oh well, you get the idea!)

I hope you enjoyed these little tips I like to live by. The little organization bins in my fridge are from Bed Bath and Beyond. They’re easy to clean and are a space saver. If you’re interested in them, you can find the link for them here:Refrigerator Bins Link (Not an affiliate link, just wanted to share the joy with you all!) They come in different sizes and shapes depending on what you want to use them for. 

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How do you keep your refrigerator organized?

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