Get To Know Me-15 Questions

Get To Know Me-15 Questions

Hello, friends and happy Tuesday to you. I’ve noticed some new readers here (hi!! so glad you’re here!), so I thought I’d do a little getting to know me survey. I want everyone to pick a few questions and answer in the comment section below OR simply tell me a random fact that not many people know about you!

15 Get To Know Me Questions:

  1. What was favorite subject at school?: Drama, English, and Creative Writing
  2. What is your favorite food?: Korean food or delicious vegetarian tacos….they are both my favorites!
  3. What is the last thing you bought?: Groceries–I am not a spender but I LOVE buying groceries! 
  4. Favorite Color?: Purple
  5. Do you have any pets?: I have 6 guppies and 2 ghost shrimp 
  6. Favorite Perfume?: Love Spell–I wear it every day!
  7. Favorite Holiday?: Christmas
  8. Are you married?: Yep! This January 5th will be our 4 year wedding anniversary 
  9. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: I’ve been to South Korea, Spain, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Jamaica, Belize, Mexico, and Honduras 
  10. Do you speak any other language?: I speak English, Spanish, Korean, and french. I can also read Latin.
  11. How many siblings do you have?: 2 Older sisters
  12. Favorite restaurant?: These days I’m loving specialty vegan/gluten free restaurants. I really loved PS & Co! 
  13. How tall are you?: 5 foot 3
  14. Do you have any irrational fears? People on stilts….
  15. If you weren’t in your current job, what would you want to be doing? Full time blogger of course 😉 

Whats a random fact about you that not many people know? Favorite food?

Tell me in the comments below!

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23 thoughts on “Get To Know Me-15 Questions

  1. I didn’t realize who spoke so many languages!! Or that you’ve traveled so many places. So cool! You should write some more about your favorite travels 🙂
    People on stilts… ha…. ya I can understand that…
    I have two older brothers, I’ve backpacked around South East Asia where I ate a tarantula and worked on a permaculture farm, and the last thing I bought was a decaf americano because I spend all my money in cafes 🙂

    • I could definitely do some travel recap posts–that would be fun!
      Wow thats really awesome–cant say I’ve ever tried tarantula! Ive had some pretty odd who knows what delicacies in Korea haha!

  2. Hey Heather! I’m one of your newer readers, it’s great to be here! My irrational fear is of rodents. Spiders, bugs, etc are all fine but mice freak me out! I have 4 siblings, I spend an obscene amount of money on coffee, and Trader Joe’s is where the rest of my money seems to go! Favorite food is probably any type of taco!

  3. Love these Heather! I didn’t know you could speak other languages, how awesome! My favorite color is purple too and I LOVE buying groceries as well. Great minds think alike. I think we need a PS & Co. date soon too! I’ve always wanted to try it there! 🙂

    • I’m not sure of one particular moment but I can remember feeling afraid of them like in parades when I was little! Only one ear? Thats interesting! Was it an intentional choice or did you get one done and then decide you didnt want the 2nd one done?

  4. Ahhh I loved reading this Heather! I feel like I got to know you better through it. ALSO– I found the beyond meat beef crumble and made vegan tacos. I’m hoping to post the recipe this week 🙂 I am amazed how many languages you speak- when did you have time to learn all those?! And fear of people on stilts is entirely valid.

    Random fact: I used to own a dingo.
    Favorite food: Oh man it changes- currently I’d say anything with sweet potatoes. Yummy

    Hope you are having a great week <3

    • Yum! I LOVE those beyond beef crumbles! I taught myself korean and then went to South korea to teach english and live with a homestay. The homestay didnt speak any english so I got pretty good! I started Spanish in middle school and high school and majored in it in college. French and latin I studied in college.
      Glad my stilt fear isnt too weird! You owned a dingo?! Did you live in Australia!? I agree with sweet potatoes–they are always delicious!

  5. I love these types of posts! I got so excited when I read the title! We have so many things in common! My favorite subjects were English and Creative Writing. Purple is one of my favorite colors. My favorite holiday is Christmas and the last thing I bought was groceries. That’s about all I ever buy! I do not speak any other languages. I know a little Spanish, but I would love to be to speak it fluently!

  6. Oh my the number of languages you speak!! Maybe one day I’ll finally get around to learning Spanish. Foreign languages have always been a challenge for me. My favorite subject in college besides nutrition was sociology. So interesting!

    • Maybe you are more science/math minded? I struggled a lot with math and science throughout school but was really good with language. I use my languages for my job now so it has been good!

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