Gifts For the Kids Who Have Everything

Gifts For the Kids Who Have Everything

Adults and kids alike have too much “stuff”. Houses are filled to the brim with toys; some hardly touched! Today I’m sharing 5 ideas specifically for kids who have too much “Stuff”. Rather than buy another toy that they may forget about, here are some fun alternatives! 

Gifts For the Kids Who Have Everything:

  • Buy Lessons/Classes: Brainstorm ideas for what kind of lessons or classes the child may be interested in. Buy lessons or classes so they can learn a new skill or try something they’ve always wanted to. Living Social and Groupon are great resources for classes!
  • Tickets to an Event: Buy them tickets to an upcoming event. Not only will they have the event to look forward to, but they’ll create tons of new memories with you! 
  • Buy a Membership: Check out local zoo, kid’s museums, or aquarium memberships. Buy a year-long membership so they can enjoy a new place and look forward to trips there throughout the year. 
  • Make a donation in their name: Find an important organization or an organization supporting children. Make a donation in their name and give them a card saying so on Christmas. They’ll learn the importance of helping those in need. You could even volunteer for an organization together in the coming year so they can see the organization at work.
  • Magazine Subscription: Research some kid friendly magazines and buy them a subscription. They’ll be excited to get mail every month and also be able to enjoy the gift for the whole year!

I hope this little list helps you while you’re brainstorming ideas for the kids on your list. I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below! 

Favorite non-toy gift idea? Experience gifts or “item” gifts?

Tell me in the comments below!

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19 thoughts on “Gifts For the Kids Who Have Everything

  1. Such good ideas! I remember when I was young I belonged to a couple different monthly subscriptions (Magic School Bus club!!) and LOVED loved loved getting them each month.

    • Yes, good point! It’s cool when the child can see their name on something and know they’re making a difference to someone else!

  2. These are great ideas. I often think about this: if I ever become a parent, I don’t necessarily want my kids to expect a ton of flashy toys under the tree. I just thinking having a healthy relationship with stuff is really important for kiddos.
    And also, I love the idea of getting them classes. “Drama” classes were the highlight of my childhood!

    • Thanks, Joyce. I agree, I definitely want them to be excited about receiving something but to be able to take a step back and appreciate what they have and help others!

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