Favorite Gluten Free Swaps

Favorite Gluten Free Swaps

As most of you know, I’ve been on a Gluten free diet for about 6 weeks now. You can read why in this post if you have no idea what I’m talking about. Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite Gluten free swaps that I’ve found for anyone in the same boat. 

I can honestly say that despite making some basic food swaps, I feel like I haven’t had to drastically change my diet. Yes, there are times when I cry out to the heavens for a delicious scone or a huge size-of-my-face muffin…but should I really be eating those on a weekly basis any way?! I think it also helps that I’m feeling so much better than before; it helps to keep things in perspective. The symptoms I was having before were so bad that no huge muffin or scone would be worh it! It’s all about your mindset.

The first thing people often ask me is if I’ll ever eat it again, if I’ll cheat and eat some, how much can I eat before I feel sick, etc. But really…if I’m feeling this good, why eat it at all?! My advice to anyone going through this or anything similar would be to focus on what you CAN eat and not what you CAN’T!  Best of all, I’ve been able to find some great alternatives so I haven’t felt deprived.  

Favorite Gluten Free Swaps

  • Schar multi-grain GF bread: Gluten free swaps breadThis bread has been by far the most normal tasting and the most normal textured GF bread that I’ve tried. Most breads I bought tasted and felt like a sponge, had zero flavor and crumbled in your hands like a pile of sand. This bread and tastes like regular bread and holds together pretty well. I keep the loaf in an airtight container in the fridge and it lasts for 2 weeks!
  • Cacao & Cashew Butter granola: Gluten free swaps granolaThis granola is gluten free and oh-so-delicious! I’ve been loving it with my yogurt as a dessert. (which I mentioned in my 5 Guiltless desserts Post) I love the cashew butter and cacao combo its so good! I also love that there’s no weird ingredients added and it’s not overly sweetened compared to other granola.
  • Amy’s Organic Thai Coconut Soup: Gluten Free Swaps SoupOMG I cant stop eating this soup! It’s vegan and gluten free which is great because I also have to avoid dairy. It has a sweet creamy flavor because of the coconut milk, but is filled with spicy Thai seasoning to balance out the sweet. I’ve been loving it as a quick dinner during the week when I don’t have a lot of time. I’m hoping to make my own version at some point soon!
  • Wow Chocolate Chip Cookies: Gluten Free Swaps cookiesAs I mentioned before, I sometimes cry out  to the heavens for a nice baked good. These cookies are soft-baked, moist, and taste just like a normal cookie! I’ve only tried the chocolate chip so far, but they are amazing! If you don’t like soft-baked cookies, I also love the thin and crispy gluten free “Tate’s” chocolate chip cookies!
  • As for pasta, I’ve been using white rice noodles “Thai Kitchen” brand and brown rice noodles “Pasta Joy” brand link here. I also have used spaghetti squash in place of noodles many many times. 

Other Helpful Resources:

  • I’ve been using the Find Me Gluten Free website if I have to go out to eat. I don’t go out to eat often, but have used it a small handful of times. They list nearby places that have GF options and you can check out people’s reviews. This website also has an app that you can keep on your phone for going out.
  • Gluten Free Bible cookbook:Gluten Free Swaps resources My mother-in-law found this cookbook for me a couple of weeks ago and it’s been a great resource. I’m not one to follow a recipe exactly as is, but this has some great recipe ideas and some great information on Gluten in the beginning of the book!

I hope my findings help someone out there feeling lost! If anyone else out there is eating gluten free and has other favorite products, please let me know in the comments below! I’ll be mentioning my favorites as I try new things. I’m looking at this as a fun adventure not something to be sad about!

Favorite Gluten Free products? 

Tell me in the comments below!

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20 thoughts on “Favorite Gluten Free Swaps

  1. Such a great post!! I want to try that bread! I am totally with you…people always ask me if I will ever eat gluten again and to me, no food is worth the kind of pain I was in daily. I love your comment about focusing on what you CAN eat rather than what you can’t. There are so many gluten free options these days that it really isn’t hard at all. When I first when gluten free, it was a little more challenging because it wasn’t as popular as it is today. It did teach me to just eat more natural like lots of fruits and veggies.

    • Absolutely! And i feel like we really should be eating more natural anyway regardless of any allergies or not! I feel like this is really how I need to be eating. Glad to talk to a fellow gluten free lady 😀

    • Thanks, Tara! It is so delicious–you should look out for it. It’s pricey for a canned soup but totally worth it!

  2. Thanks for sharing. While I’m not gluten free, and truthfully have no intention of making the jump, I often prefer gluten free baked goods and find myself selecting them often just due to my taste preferences. I think it’s the apple sauce or alternatives that are typically used that just build such a great bite texture!

    I’m definitely going to run to the store to try out those cookies – yummin!

    XO, Jessica

    • Yeah I agree, I feel like the texture is more of a dense deliciousness! Yes, gluten free or not these cookies are delicious!!

  3. If you are feeling better – then that is what counts!! I’m so glad this dietary change has been lessening your discomfort. Thank goodness there’s so many more GF options now available than there were even 5 years ago. Often some packaged products are still a bit more pricey, but the amount of choice and the actual TASTE of the products have come so far. And there are more and more GF cafes and bakeries opening up – Some of my favorite muffins and scones are from GF shops! And I much prefer rice noodles over regular noodles.

    • Yes, I’ve definitely been spending a bit more in general on food these days but worth it! There’s a GF/Vegan bakery walking distance to where I live and its really good! I’m thankful that so many places have options these days! Rice noodles 4 life. hahaha 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, its hard to remember what you can and cant feed someone. I’m still learning myself! That’s so sweet that you are thinking of her though! You’re a great friend!

    • Seriously…go out to the store right now…go get it! It’s seriously so good. I like the other soups of that brand too but this one is my absolute favorite. I hear you…sometimes all I’ve got time for is a quick heat up!

  4. You have such an amazing mindset with this! With Ryan I couldn’t eat any soy or dairy for an entire year and it was killing me. I’m not sure if it’s because I knew there was a specific day I could go nuts on the ice cream or what, but I was NOT as positive a thinker as you!!

    • Thank you! I was that way a little bit when I was told to cut out dairy a few years ago. I think this time around I was just feeling so sick all of the time I was ready and willing for the change. Over my vacation, I knew this was probably going to happen, so I ate extra dinner rolls and tried to enjoy pasta and stuff because I knew it may be the end of it! 🙂

  5. Oh girl I can go on and on about this topic! I have celiac disease so I will have to be gluten free for life. It was definitely trial and error with finding good products. My experience with people I know that do not have celiac is if you eliminate it for a long period of time and then try to eat gluten, you will feel sick. This happens to my husband since we are a gf house (he doesn’t have to eat gf for health reasons, he just chooses to support me), when he eats gluten now he feels sick.

    If you have any questions, let me know! I blog about it a lot too!

    xo, Kristina

    • Thanks, Kristina! Can’t wait to check out your blog as well! I’m definitely not planning on eating it anymore because all of my symptoms have gone away since eliminating it. My husband’s still eating regular bread but other than that, he’s eating everything I’m eating…I’ll have to warn him he may get more sensitive! Thanks so much for the tip! 🙂

  6. I don’t eliminate gluten from my diet, but I try not to eat it everyday. I love finding a gluten free bread that actually tastes good, and great tip on storing it in the fridge in an air tight container. My favorite gluten free food is tortilla chips, Late of July is my favorite brand, they make a delicious and crunchy sweet potato chip. Have a graet weekend!

    • I haven’t tried that brand yet but it looks really good–I’ll have to try it! I love the Garden of Eatin’ ones too!

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