Happier One Day at a Time

Happier One Day at a Time

Last week I read a great post on Cora’s My Little Tablespoon blog that really struck a cord with me. She talked about giving yourself small gifts each day in order to make you a happier and more positive person. Read her post here: Creating a Life You don’t Want to Run Away From

I think as a whole, our culture very much glorifies being busy. Even if we aren’t particularly busy, we busy ourselves with social media, texting, gossiping, and living with our phones chained to our hands. I think it’s so important that we remember that it’s okay to just be. Take a breath, look up from your phone, and just enjoy being. 

This summer and onward, I’m hoping to challenge myself to relax with no particular agenda when I need a break. No phone, no laptop, no internet, and just being. Time to think, time to reflect, time to catch up with someone face to face, time to spend with loved ones; time unplugged on a daily basis. 

In the post, she mentions 4 questions she was challenged to answer for herself. One of them being: “What are 10 things I need to be happy?”. Here’s what I came up with for myself; I challenge you to answer this on your own. 

  • Family


  • Time outdoors

spring morning

  • Time to myself
  • Movement/exercise
  • Dark chocolate 😀

dark chocolate

  • Positivity
  • Delicious food


  • Room and Space to be creative
  • Music/Singing
  • Time away from my usual schedule/a break from the everyday mundane routine

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.44.05 PM

Sometimes being happy and positive isn’t easy. It’s easier to complain and always say ‘I’ll be happy when…”. I’m guilty of this myself too! But, if you really take time to sit down and make a list, you’ll see it’s the little things that make a person happy. 

I’m going to challenge myself to incorporate these 10 things as often as I can for my daily gifts. I’m not going to keep telling myself “I’ll be happy when…” but instead I’m going to try to be present in the now and being happy in my present state. Being positive and being happy is a choice. I’m going to try and choose to be happy in my current situation. I have too much to be thankful for to be ungrateful. 

Thanks again to Cora for such a beautiful post. It was just what I needed to hear last week! I hope you’ll check out her post, it’s wonderfully written! 

How do you stay positive? What are three things you need to be happy?

Tell me in the comments below! 

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18 thoughts on “Happier One Day at a Time

  1. Awe, Heather, this is so wonderful. I’m so glad my post resonated with you (I wasn’t even sure I got my thoughts out clearly), but more just glad you took the time to think of these things for yourself. I think many of us have a hard time accepting that to be “happy” may actually take some work. It is not just a fatalistic thing we can sit around for. In the beginning, going after what we know will make us happy may even feel a tad uncomfortable, like a job. Especially since, as you said, so many of us are so engrained to staying “busy” by being constantly attached to our phone/social media etc – we are most definitely uncomfortable with just “being.” But I think that after time it will all become more habitual and we will notice the positive outcomes of just one or two small things in our day. We need those things to keep us grounded. Its amazing what you see when you just “look up.”
    Sorry for the novel. Thank you, again.

    • You’re so right! I believe it truly takes work and effort to be happy…especially when you’re not entirely satisfied with certain areas of life in that moment. You’re welcome to write novel comments any time…love your thoughts!

    • I know, its definitely something I need to stop telling myself too. I think I probably think those words or something similar to it at least once a day! Yes, make the list even if you dont want to share it with anyone, it’s great to do!

  2. I loved Cora’s post as well – I’ve been reflecting on it a lot! It’s a great way to see what’s important in your life and see what you’ve been “wasting” your time on unnecessarily.

  3. I am so guilty of thinking that I will be happy when…. I do this all the time, and sometimes give myself deadlines to fulfill that ….. Your post was a great reminder to think of all of the things that I have that make me happy and to quit waiting for the next thing. I take people and things for granted and need to stop doing that! Great Post!!

    • Thanks, Tara! I definitely do that too. And then if/when I don’t or cant fufill the goal within the deadline I give myself, I feel defeated, sad, you name it!

  4. I really love this. I always say that happiness is a choice as I think it really is. A positive attitude can totally change the day. I do try to “treat” myself or do things that make me happy each and every day instead of waiting for my next vacation or big change in my life. Great post!

    • So true! Although, a vacation to look forward to often gets me through many tough times! haha, especially if I need a motivator to get through the winter cold.

  5. This is lovely! I wrote a post a while back on small indulgences that lead to large happiness, and it led to a similar conclusion for me, as well. What are those MOST IMPORTANT things for me to spend my time/money on to lead to the happiest life possible.

    Though I love the idea of taking it one step further and identifying those top 10. I’ll definitely challenge myself to take that step this week.

    Thanks for posting and making the world a happier, more positive place!
    XO, Jessica

    • Thank you, Jessica. I’ll have to check out your post to. What was your post called? I’d love to find it and read it! 🙂 Always love your posts too.

  6. I think what I really love here is that you took the time to write this out. It’s very encouraging to me to do the same. Something I’ve learned is that what makes me happy in the moment might not always be what makes me happy in the long-term.

    • So so true! It’s also hard for me to always see the big picture because I want to do things on my own time. As we all know, that doesnt work out haha!

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