Honeymoon Highlights

Honeymoon Highlights

With my cruise vacation less than two weeks away, I am definitely thinking back to my honeymoon cruise! It was such an amazing time and it makes me so excited for our upcoming cruise! Today I wanted to share some of my “honeymoon highlights” if you will, and share some of my favorite pictures with you all. Hope you enjoy!

We booked a Carnival Cruise that left from Baltimore Maryland and stopped at Port Canaveral Florida, Nassau, and Freeport (both in the Bahamas). It was 8 days and 7 nights of fun and relaxation with my new hubby. After going through security and checking in, we boarded the ship which looked like a big city in itself. I remember just looking around totally wide eyed and speechless at how huge the ship was from the inside. 


Once I calmed myself and kept walking, we headed to check out our stateroom with private balcony. Once of our friends surprised us by buying us a “Happy Honeymoon” cake, bottle of champagne, a rose, and assorted sweets. It was so “sweet” of her! (sorry…I couldn’t help myself). I may or may not have enjoyed champagne and a piece of chocolate cake BEFORE having breakfast on more than one morning…



My favorite part of our stateroom was definitely the private balcony. We spent so much time out there just taking in the beautiful waters and skies. We were sure to book the same style room for our upcoming cruise as well. You can even order room service or take a plate of food and eat it on your balcony! 

food with a view

The ship is buzzing with tons of activities to choose from. You can be as busy or as relaxed as you want your vacation to be. For our honeymoon we wanted to be more on the relaxed mode, but we still did some really fun activities. 

Cruise 2013

One of my favorite things we did was attending a cooking demonstration. The chef of the on board steakhouse prepared some of the Steakhouse dishes and allowed the audience members to sample them. It was my actual dream…I mean it was like the cooking shows that I watch on the Food Network PLUS you get to eat what they’re making!! It was amazing and we made reservations for the steakhouse right away after that tasting!

cooking demo

We also enjoyed the nightly entertainment each night in the ship’s theater. Singing, dancing, and just fun all around. During the day, they also did game shows like The Newlywed Game and Family Feud.


After the shows, you can go dancing at a club, listen to some music at one of the many bars, or go to the comedy club for a laugh and a cocktail. We went to the comedy club every night and it was hilarious! They have several comedians on board and change up the acts so you enjoy lots of variety. 

comedy club

At each port, you can get off the ship and explore or you can book excursions. We stayed on the ship and did on board activities in Port Canaveral Florida. A lot of people leave the ship to do their excursions so it’s a nice  time to get in the hot tub or enjoy some on board activities with no crowds. We did a lot of reading in the sun that day! 


We booked the “Blue Lagoon” excursion in Nassau which was pretty fun. We got off the boat, found our excursion leader, and got on to a small boat blasting island music to whisk us off to the blue lagoon. Once at the lagoon, we enjoyed tropical drinks, a bbq lunch, and sun and clear waters. It felt a little bit rushed, but overall it was a good experience. The Blue Lagoon is the same island where they filmed Gilligan’s Island and The Blue Lagoon.

bbq lunchblue lagoon 2

For our last stop in Freeport, we got off the ship, enjoyed a drink at Senor Frogs, and did a little shopping. I may or may not have purchased an armful of rum cakes. (They were so cheap and delicious!) 

senor frogs


Last but not least, THE FOOD. Guys, Carnival KNOWS HOW TO DO IT UP. I didn’t find a single item that I didn’t like. Everything was so fresh and delicious with tons of variety. Every night you enjoy a fancy multi-course meal prepared with love. Also, they have a huge assortment of herbal teas and always have coffee and water out during the day. 

eggs benedict

martini fish







I will be sure to do a recap post of my upcoming cruise as well. This time, we will be going on a cruise from Florida and we will have two stops in Mexico, one in Honduras, and one in Belize. A different ship but still Carnival! Cant wait to tell you all about it!

Have you ever been on a Cruise? 

Tell me about it in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “Honeymoon Highlights

  1. Oh how fun!! Looks like your honeymoon was such a blast!! My husband has been on a lot of cruises and loves them… we went on one for one of our spring breaks in college (it was my first one) and it was pretty bad. The food and activities were great, but the ship was so rocky and it was so windy that we couldn’t even lay out during the day. They eventually cancelled that cruise line I think. Can’t wait to read about your upcoming cruise!!

  2. Looks like so much fun. My husband and I are going to Florida for our baby moon. We originally wanted to take a cruise but decided against it with the Zika outbreak in the Caribbean. Hopefully we’ll make it on a cruise next year.

    • awww, well that’s a smarter idea for now. Maybe you guys can enjoy a post-baby cruise once the baby is a little older and can stay with friends or family while you soak up some couples time! Enjoy Florida–its my favorite State I’ve been to so far!

  3. The ocean look gorgeous! It looks like you had a lot of fun on your honeymoon! I bet you are super excited about the next one! I’ve been on 2 cruises – both Carnival. And, I agree – the food is awesome, and so it the entertainment!! One of mine ported in Mexico, and they weren’t going to let me back on the boat because I was too tan and didn’t match my ID picture. (It was before you had to have a passport to cruise) They made me take my hair down and three people had to come look at me. I was panicking, and my friends thought it was hilarious! Hope you have a blast and I can’t wait to hear about it!

    • haha, thats understandable! It’s funny, I’m planning on watching Titanic this weekend because I’ve randomly been wanting to watch it again. I never even thought about the upcoming cruise! haha!

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