January Goals & Intentions Review

January Goals & Intentions Review

This month went by so quickly that I feel like I didn’t even have that much time to go back over my goals! Either way, here are the goals I set for myself and here’s how I did! February goals will be posted soon! Also, I’m secretly crossing my fingers that February also flies by and that March is super warm! 🙂 A gal can dream right?!

January Goals & Intentions Review

  • Do Daily Devotional: I ordered a year-long women’s devotional book on Amazon which came a few days ago. I will be starting that this week. If anyone’s interested, I’ll let you know half-way through the study what I think of it! 
  • Work Ahead on Foodie Friday recipes: I have definitely been well ahead on all posts in general for blog work. I feel like I have a bit of my productivity back now that I’m not feeling so sick. I hope to continue this pattern for next month as well! 
  • Read Before Bed: Not at all! For some reason, I just can’t get in to reading again! I just got a pregnancy related book so I’m going to try reading that before bed. Perhaps since my mind is so “baby-mode” right now, a baby book will be a good way to get me back in to reading!
  • Apply to More Freelance Jobs: I didn’t apply to anything at all this month. I seriously don’t even know where this month went? I was busy with work this month, so I’m sure that had a lot to do with it. It’s hard to be thinking about side work when your full time job is exhausting you! 

How were your goals this month? What are you currently reading?

Tell me in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “January Goals & Intentions Review

  1. I feel like I was just reading your goals, ha. This month flew! I have not been ahead on my blog posts and I really need to start! I hear ya on reading. Well, my deal is I need a good book. I’m thinking a trip to the library is in order for tonight!

    • I’d love to be able to do freelance jobs from home. I haven’t had any luck with it though. I work full time out of home..hoping that will change in the future! I’ll let you know how the devotional goes!

  2. I definitely cannot read before going to bed – I pass out in five seconds. Plus, my husband ALWAYS turns on the TV before bed… So that’s rather distracting from reading but not sleeping! Ha!

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