January Goals & Intentions

January Goals & Intentions

I hope that you’re having a lovely Wednesday, friends. Today I’m popping in to share my January goals and intentions with you! I’d love to hear your goals in the comment section below! 

January Goals & Intentions

  • Do Daily Devotional: I’d like to get better about doing a daily devotional. I hope to take a little time each day to work through a devotion and pray. 
  • Work Ahead on Foodie Friday recipes: I hope to work ahead and get more than one recipe done in a week. Having recipe posts stockpiled will save me so much time.
  • Read Before Bed: I was doing very well with reading over the summer months and really loved it. I’d like to get back in to reading before going to bed each day. It’s a nice way to settle down and end the day rather than staring at a screen. 
  • Apply to More Freelance Jobs: This month, I hope to apply to more freelance jobs and try to contact some different companies for possible work. Freelancers out there, leave any tips you have for me in the comments below! 

What are you January goals? Favorite way to end the day?

Tell me in the comments below!

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18 thoughts on “January Goals & Intentions

  1. Since evenings right now are my only real “free” time (since I can’t give up my blessed morning blog reading time) my goal is to be more productive after dinner with my rehearsal/script work. This week I have a goal to do at least 30 minutes of work with my script every night before bed, and I hope to continue this through the month. My other goal is – I won’t be blogging as much – but I do hope to clear away the old posts and ideas I’ve had on my list for over a year now.
    Looking forward to hearing how these work out for you!

    • I’ll probably reach out to some local opportunities and then do some searching online! Yes, ending the day reading is so much better than ending the day looking at more screens! I’m trying to not do that so much.

  2. I have the same idea for this month, just setting small goals. However I meant to sit down and write them this weekend and got caught up relaxing on the couch watching tv instead. Oh well. This week I’m focusing on getting caught up from break then hope to really focus on some small goals over the weekend. Good luck with all of yours!

  3. These look like wonderful goals. I love your gentle, focused approach. My favorite way to end the day is definitely reading in bed. It’s comforting and cozy, and it tires out my mind. That way I don’t toss and turn all night thinking about everything. January goals include sticking to my half marathon training plan and being more gentle with myself in regards to academics and food. Happy Wednesday!

    • Love those goals! Good luck as you continue training–it seems like you’ve been doing so well! What are you currently reading?

    • Let me know if you find a good devotional book, I have trouble finding non-cheesy ones that are a little deeper than just “God loves us”. haha!

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