Link Love: Recent Finds

Link Love: Recent Finds

Here is a collection of some interesting finds lately in the blog world. As always, please share anything interesting you have found in the comments below! Happy browsing!

Link Love: Recent Finds



  • Clear Your Mind of Can’t via Talkless Say More A great reminder to everyone! I know I’m guilty of thinking I can’t do something even before trying. 
  • Why My Mental Health is Just as Important as My Physical Health via Erin’s Inside Job: This was a great read for me. I think many of us forget that health is so much more than just the physical health that you see. 
  • I Skipped the Gym…and I’m okay via Blissful Lyss A reminder that not obsessing when things don’t go according to plan. Sometimes there are more important priorities in life than our workout for the day, and guess what…that’s okay!

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Recent finds? Recent new blogger finds? 

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