Link Love: Recipes

Link Love: Recipes

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope that your week is going well so far! I’m writing this over the weekend, so hopefully mine’s going well too 😀 

Today I wanted to pop in and share some links of recipes I’m hoping to make soon that I’ve discovered over the last few weeks. Don’t forget that I post a new recipe here every Friday! 

Somethin’ Sweet:

Somethin’ Savory:

Polyglot Jot Recipes:

I hope you find something delicious here! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@ Polyglot_Jot) for more delicious food! See you tomorrow for some Thinking Out Loud!

What is one recipe you’re dying to try? What is a recipe you’ve just made and are in love with?

Tell me in the comments below!

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13 thoughts on “Link Love: Recipes

    • Me too! I feel like flipping it when its so thin will be the worst part. I’m planning on giving it a whirl this weekend…I’ll let you know if I fail or succeed haha!

    • Of Course–It looks amazing! Yes, please try those fries they’re delicious and gooey just like a classic s’mores! 😀

    • I know! I’m going to make them for my lunches next week–I’ve already decided because they’re so yummy looking haha!

    • Cant wait for your recipe tomorrow–I’ll be sure to tune in! 😀 I know dont those fudge cups look amazing!?

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