Link Love: Snowy Reads

Link Love: Snowy Reads

Happy Tuesday! I’m writing this Monday night and we are currently waiting on 12-16 inches of snow to come blizzard-ing down on us. That being said, I hope my Tuesday looks a lot like me in my pajamas at home all day! Fingers crossed! Today I’m sharing some of my recent finds in the blog world for your browsing pleasure. Happy browsing during the snow!

For Your Belly:

  • Vegan Protein Overnight Oats via Peanut Butter Finger: I have just recently gotten more in to overnight oats and this recipe looks really great! I know I’ll be making this when I need quick and filling breakfasts during my crazy nursing sprees this summer!
  • Thai Vegetable Noodle Soup via Katalyst Health: I love me some Thai food and this soup has all of my favorite flavors! I can’t wait to make this on a chilly day. 

For Your Health:

  • Your Life Does NOT Need a Disclaimer via Eat Run Pavement: I am guilty of feeling the need to apologize or explain myself in social situations. A great post and reminder that giving our little “disclaimers” is necessary! 
  • Lent Isn’t Just About Fasting via A Cup of Catherine: I really liked reading this mindset and approach to the season of lent. An interesting read for anyone thinking of giving something up or wanting to do something during this season.

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I hope that any of you in this blizzard stay safe and warm! I am crossing my fingers for some fast melting and a super warm ending of the month! I’ll be back tomorrow with a day of eats for you!

Recent blog finds? What type of posts are your favorites to read? Favorites to write?

Tell me in the comments below!

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14 thoughts on “Link Love: Snowy Reads

    • I did get the day off! We had 6 or 7 inches and lots of icy sleet so far. We are still having snow showers and sleet right now! I think sleet and ice are the worst 🙁

    • Ellie’s blog is a newer find for me and I’m so glad I found her–she writes great things! Happy snow day–I’m off today too. Stay warm!

    • Lots of snow and ice here in PA today…I did get the day off and did not have to commute with ice and snow so for that I am very grateful. Can I come visit you in warm CA?! 😀

  1. I loved the Cup of Catherine and My Littletablespoon posts! Lol–I can so relate to your description of packing “a picnic” just to go to work. 🙂
    All of those recipes look amazing. The thai vegetable soup I had already seen and am totally crushing on, but the other two were new to me. All pinned!

    • It’s insane how I pack to go to work…I should take a picture of my final product before leaving hahaha! Family picnic for 4…but for me! 😀 Enjoy!

  2. The weather here is AWFULLL. It snow stormed all day and it’s atleast -10C out. Of course, I did not get the day off from rehearsal, so I pulled out my knee high boots and trudged through the face-smacking snow blusters. Ughhh when will it end!!!

    But seeing these posts and that you shared mine made my day much better. And a new rendition of Kat’s Thai soup that I put together. That helped too. Thanks Heather!

  3. I am soooo very behind on your blog, but I am excited to catch up now!!! I love these suggestions! I just went through a few of them and wow, so encouraging and full of wisdom. I also am excited to follow a few of these new bloggers! Thanks for sharing, Heather!

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