Lions, Tigers, Tupperware, Oh my!

Lions, Tigers, Tupperware, Oh my!

Hello & happy Monday to you! First of all, I want to thank each and everyone of you for reading this blog of mine. Today marks my 100th blog post! Thank you for reading, for commenting, for caring, and for taking the time to hear my thoughts. It means a lot to me and I am excited to see how this blog continues to grow and change as I grow and change.


I got done work early on Friday and was able to workout, food shop, shower, and get dinner ready before 7pm…it was awesome! Is anyone else wonder woman when they have all of their grocery bags? I literally become a camel and carry 35589 bags on my arms and attempt to walk.

grocery meme

Last week was dragging and annoying at work, so browsing the food store was actually semi-relaxing. Anyone else enjoy food shopping? The rest of the evening was spent enjoying time with Daniel and eating a delicious veggie & egg scramble for dinner.


Saturday I went to the zoo with my sisters and my niece. It was extremely hot and humid, but really a great time! I think my niece’s favorite animals were the monkeys. She loved walking up to the glass and saying “I see you in there!” She was so excited and happy the whole day. 

2016-06-11 11.38.58

The zoo didn’t have a ton of gluten free/dairy free options for me, but I managed to find a salad and some fruit which was delicious. The zoo allows you to bring in food, so next time I’ll have to remember to bring something a bit heartier. 

2016-06-11 11.42.42

By late afternoon, we were all hot and tired and ready for some relaxing. We went back to my sister’s house and got some water toys out for my niece. Her backyard was nice and shady and was perfect after a long day walking around! 

2016-06-11 12.06.07


Sunday, I went to a Tupperware party with my mom and my cousin. I already have a good amount of sturdy containers, but was hoping to find a large bowl for salad.  I didn’t find anything that I LOVED as far as salad containers go, but I ordered a container for produce that is meant to extend the shelf life of your produce. I also won 2 small seasoning containers, an apron, a citrus slicer, and a plastic spatula…for free! I’d call that a win!


The rest of Sunday was spent working on blog work, doing some food prep, and getting ready for the week. I hope that you all have a great start to your week! See ya tomorrow!

Ever been to a Tupperware party? Favorite zoo animal? Do you like the heat of summer?

Tell me in the comments below!

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25 thoughts on “Lions, Tigers, Tupperware, Oh my!

  1. Happy 100th post!! What an accomplishment! My mom used to go to tupperware parties when I was first born, but now I want to go to them because tupperware is AMAZING! Lol am I weird yet?! Favorite zoo animal is definitely the lionesses. I’m convinced it’s my spirit animal!

  2. I definitely don’t love the summer heat, but I will take it over the cold of winter any day!! I love grocery shopping… it is my alone time to brainstorm and just wander around. I totally try to take in all my groceries in one trip. Although lately that has not been possible with my weekly 2-3 watermelons I have been purchasing. 🙂

    • hahaha i know the melons are killin’ me too! so heavy and so delicious!! I find it relaxing time alone too..glad to hear I’m not the only one!

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! I do not like the heat of the summer, I’m much more of a cool crisp Fall fan 🙂 I haven’t been to Tupperware party. I try to stick to glassware and pyrex. Thank you for sharing!

    • Good point–I do love glassware! Pyrex is my fave! I really like Fall too…but I’m a huge fan of the heat! Don’t know why!

    • Yes, that is so often the case with tupperware! Growing up, my parents never had matching lids so when i got married i was sure to buy the kind with stackable lids that stick together!

  4. This looks like such a fun day!! I love doing all the aunt things.
    100 is a biggie! I found blogging got so much easier when I got into the routine/groove.
    I’ve never been to a Tupperware party but I freaking love all the containers!!

    • Yes, I feel more in the groove with posting and coming up with ideas! Yes, it was overwhelming looking at the catalog and trying to decide what was best!

  5. I need to find myself a tupperware party! Heck ya to all the free grub!!
    Congratulations on the 100th post! Can’t wait for that number to just keep growing.

    • Thanks, Cora! Yeah, i didnt know they were still a thing but apparently there are many consultants and their business is still booming!

    • Thanks!! I know its such a nice zoo! I also love that most of it is shaded so its great for walking around in the summer.

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