Love on a Plate

Love on a Plate

Hello everyone! I hope that you had a great weekend and that you are settling in to a good start to the week. I had a lovely weekend with friends and family which I will talk about in tomorrow’s recap post. Today I wanted to talk a bit about my love of cooking and what it means to me.

I have enjoyed cooking for as long as I can remember. My mom taught me to make eggs in 3rd or 4th grade so I could learn a staple breakfast item. From there I began experimenting, learning, and eventually branching out to much more than eggs. 

I also enjoyed cooking with my grandmother and have wonderful memories of us together in the kitchen wearing homemade aprons and enjoying time together. It’s not just the fact that I enjoy delicious foods or love to experiment with flavors. I think what it boils down to is that for me, cooking is showing love.

Making a delicious meal for yourself is self-love and we can all stand to work on showing ourselves some self-love. Making a delicious meal for others is even more satisfying as it shows that you care and that you want them to relax and enjoy themselves. Making a meal is inviting someone in to your life, inviting them for conversation, sharing, and all that comes along with meal time.

Lastly, cooking  has allowed me to show others that healthy foods can be flavorful and delicious. I think sometimes the best way to show others new and different foods is by preparing it for them! I love discovering new foods and showing others that healthy can be fun!

I hope that my love of cooking and my love of learning shows in my recipes. I hope that as I continue to learn and grow with my knowledge of food and health in general, others may feel love radiating from my food. Sometimes showing a loved one you care about them is as simple as offering them a nice meal!

How do you show love? Do you feel loved when someone makes you food?

Tell me in the comments below!

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21 thoughts on “Love on a Plate

  1. Yesss! love this!!! My grandma taught me how to cook and I have so many amazing memories with her in the kitchen. She taught me a lot about life while we cooked our favorite foods together. I truly appreciate a home cooked meal. I love entertaining and cooking for others. I also love to show others how good healthy food can taste. I got my mom, grandma, and mother-in-law eating kale salad after they all swore they never would. 🙂

    • Yes! I love making healthy foods and showing my loved ones who arent as familiar with that lifestyle that it can be delicious! Id call you kale salad intro a winner!

  2. I love this! That’s so special that you have such great memories of cooking with your mom and grandmother. I love to cook for people and I agree that you can show them different things when you cook for them. I don’t think I’m that great of a cook, but I love to do it! 🙂

    • I love trying other people’s dishes for the same reasons. You can learn new recipes and new foods! So fun! What is your favorite dish that you make?

  3. I agree with this! I love cooking for others- it is a form of love for them and a way to connect over a meal! I think going out to eat is a nice way to bond and connect with one another too. Food has the power of love and growing our relationships!

    • That’s a great point–love going out and trying out a restaurants with people! Definite way to bond with loved ones.

  4. When Alex is doing nights or a crazy week at the hospital, I will meal prep for him. It is my little way of connecting with him when I don’t get to see him much. Cooking is very much my way of showing him love–and showing love to anyone who comes to our place!

  5. “Making a delicious meal for yourself is sel”-> I love that phrase! I didn’t have a love for cooking when I was young, just experimenting and being creative. I’ve been able to do those two things through cooking.

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