March Goals & Intentions

March Goals & Intentions

And just like that it’s March! I am really looking forward to Spring and all of the exciting happenings with baby coming up. There’s a lot to look forward to and I can’t wait to share all about it on the blog with you lovely people. Today I’m sharing my goals and intentions for the month of March. Please share your own in the comments below!

March Goals & Intentions:

  • Complete move to our new apartment: We will be moving at the end of this month in to our new 2 bedroom digs. There’s a lot of organizing, packing, and logistics coming before that to get started on!
  • Read two books: In the hopes of stopping mindless evening scrolling on my phone, I hope to read two books this month.
  • Finish Baby Registry: We’ve made a good dent but now we’ve got to complete it! There’s a lot of things to compare/contrast and decide what best fits our new space and needs. I hope to finish the registry ASAP!
  • Make a start on Nursery: Once we can get in the apartment, I hope to get some painting done (I won’t be doing it) and also to start on the nursery plans! I think we’ve got a good idea of a nice calming color scheme to go for!
  • Plan April Blog Content: As things in my life continue to amp up with baby readying and baby in general, I want to continue to get ahead on blog content. It is my hope to bring the same amount of quality content to you all. I just have to be smart on my planning ahead! 

Thank you Amanda for allowing me to think out loud today and share my goals!

What are your March goals? How do you keep from mindless phone scrolling?

Tell me in the comments below!

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15 thoughts on “March Goals & Intentions

  1. This is going to be a very big exciting month for you guys!! A move is big!! So excited to hear more about it and start seeing new Nursery pictures :). Make sure you take those relaxing moments to read through all the business.
    I don’t actually have any goals right now. Probably why I’m feeling a little… un focused…

  2. I have to usually take my Ipod and set it somewhere so I won’t keep picking it up and looking at it.

    And a move sounds exciting! Don’t get too exhausted. Will you have some help?

    • Yes, I have to put my phone on do not disturb so I don’t keep checking it!

      Yes, our families will be helping since I can’t do any heavy lifting!

  3. What comment reply plug in do you use? I always get your replies to my comments – and for some reason my plug in doesn’t work!
    Good luck with the move! Fingers crossed nothing gets broke – or lost!!

    • That’s a good idea–I should start doing that with my phone too! I’m not sure yet…I currently have a stash of books waiting to be read so I’ll have to go through those and see what to start with!

  4. Awesome goals! I always meant to set monthly goals but between being super slowed down by pregnancy and my crazy toddler, I have not lol.

    Where are you registered/going to register? I registered at Target both times and while I love their products, they were crappy about returns on stuff from the registry and so many of their things go out of stock without warning and disappear! I wish I had used BabyList or something cooler.

    Setting up the nursery and really getting started on that is so exciting!

    • Keeping up with a toddler and having a baby on the way is plenty a good monthly goal! 🙂 We registered at Babies R Us. My sister did the same and said they were awesome about returns/exchanges and they have a huge variety of different products!

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