May Goals & Intentions Review

May Goals & Intentions Review

Happy June, people! We’re in the month where my baby girl is coming and I am THRILLED!! Hope you had a lovely weekend! Today I’m sharing how my May goals went. I’d love to hear how your’s went in the comment section below!

May Goals & Intentions Review

Finish Nursery: Yep! I’ll definitely get some photos to share with you all soon. We’re just waiting on the curtains and crib skirt which my mother-in-law is making for us! Once those things are up, we’ll be ready for some photos!

Plan June Content: I have a rough plan and will be posting Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Ofcourse, if labor happens things might get a little quiet for a couple of days depending on how far in advance I’m able to schedule posts. For the most up to date info on baby girl’s arrival, follow me on Instagram @Polyglot_Jot 

Make and Freeze 4 Meals for Baby Time: I have been so uncomfortable that I haven’t even been able to cook much let alone cook extra for freezing. I did stock up on frozen fruits for smoothies, veggie burgers, etc. that will be easy to pop in the oven. 

Get Hair Cut & Nails Done: I didn’t get my hair cut but my sister and I got amazing pedicures. We went for “Paradise Pedicures” a couple of weekends ago. This entailed a foot soak, trim, shape, buff, grated coconut exfoliation, coconut cream wrap, leg and foot massage, hot towels, and polish. It was 45 minutes of amazing-ness!

How did your goals go this month? Favorite prep-ahead meal?

Tell me in the comments below!

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22 thoughts on “May Goals & Intentions Review

  1. I am so excited for you that this is baby month! This month I did pretty well with my goals. I think for meal prep I want to find a new tofu recipe!

  2. Baby month!!!! I’m so excited for you; I have a friend in church who is due in about a month, so she will be close to you. 🙂 This month I was thankful to chip away at trying a new recipe or two every week. 🙂

  3. Oooo I’m so glad you and your sister got out for a pedicure. You deserve all the soothing and self care you can get right now! Keep on with those simple meals and letting other people cook for you.

  4. That pedicure sounds amazing! Yeah to June babies! My little guys birthday is at the end of the month. I second Christina, Trader Joe’s has awesome frozen stuff if you don’t get around to making freezer meals from scratch.

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