Monthly Must-Haves: August 2016

Monthly Must-Haves: August 2016

Happy September, everyone! Before you bust out your pumpkin and flannels, let’s reminisce on some of my favorite August items, shall we? I’ll be picking items from the usual categories of Food/Drink, Entertainment, Health/Beauty, and Home goods. 


  • Hummus Toast & Fried Eggs: I know everyone is always loving on avocado toast, and for good reason! However, this month I’ve been loving spreading different types of hummus on to bread and topping it with a fried egg. 
  • Immaculate Baking Cookies: I recently discovered a brand of cookie dough that is both dairy free and gluten free. I’ve tried the fudge brownie cookie and the chocolate chip and really liked both. All you have to do is put the cookie dough on a baking sheet and bake! 

Immaculate Baking

  • Green Smoothies: I’ve been enjoying big 32 oz green smoothies with my new Nutribullet! I’ve been loving how many different greens and fruits I can pack in to one smoothie! 


  • Stranger Things: Daniel and I watched this series on Netflix in two sittings. My expectations were at a zero but BOY was I surprised! I never wanted to stop watching it and I loved the whole thing! I highly recommend this series if you have Netflix!

Stranger Things

  • Brooklyn: I had wanted to see this when it was out in theaters and never got the chance! It was a visually beautiful movie with great characters. I always enjoy a period piece, so I was happy with it overall. Emotional, happy, and a great overall story line. 
  • Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan: I can see why this book is a National Best Seller! The characters are over the top and make for a really interesting read.The writing style was very enjoyable; Kevin Kwan is a fantastic writer. I’m not sure if he’s written anything else, but I’ll definitely be finding that out!



  • Charcoal Scrub/Mask: I bought this mask to try to keep my pores clearer because..summer heat! I was drawn to this one for several reasons. One being that it was Korean and Korean skincare products are awesome! Also, I’d been wanting to try a charcoal based skincare product because I have only heard great things and I wasn’t disappointed! This can be used as a scrub and/or mask and it made my skin feel really clean and soft! 

Charcoal Scrub


Home Goods:

  • Nutribullet Pro: As I mentioned before, I’ve been loving my new Nutribullet! I had a basic blender before that was never good at blending frozen items and left smoothies chunky (gross!) I highly recommend this model to anyone looking for a reasonably priced high speed blender. It’s also simple to clean which is always a big plus!

Thinking Out Loud with Amanda today!

What were your favorite products? Do you have a high speed blender? Best movie you’ve watched lately?

Tell me in the comments below!

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19 thoughts on “Monthly Must-Haves: August 2016

  1. Your first line made me laugh because I’m literally wearing flannel and drinking pumpkin spice coffee right now. I am beyond basic but I don’t care haha! Love the idea of hummus toast!

  2. I need a good charcoal mask, but my skin is super sensitive so Im always hesitant to try those out! I totally just used a mask like 2 days ok and woke up this morning broke out. Darn things.

  3. I LOVE STRANGER THINGS. I also finished it in two sittings haha I’m so happy they’ve confirmed Season 2! Best movie I’ve watched lately… The Boss! We rented it on Sunday and it was so funny! I highly recommend it 🙂

    • That;s exciting I didn’t hear that they confirmed season 2! When will it come out? The Boss sounds funny–I’ll have to check that one out!

  4. I have heard awesome things about that TV show! Also- need to pick up that face mask! I have heard great things about charcoal helping your skin. And hummus toast is sooo good. Hummus is always a must have for me!

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