Monthly Must-Haves: July 2016

Monthly Must-Haves: July 2016

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! I had a wonderful birthday weekend which I’ll be talking about for Wednesday’s post! Let’s get on with my must-have’s for July and as always, please chime in with your favorites in the comment section below! 


  • Vegan Cream Cheese: I’ve tried a few vegan cream cheese spreads over the years, and I think this one is my favorite so far. It’s a coconut base and very easy to spread. The taste is very similar to regular cream cheese and it’s really delicious on GF cinnamon raisin bagels and GF toast with some blueberry jam.

Vegan Cream Cheese

  • Coconut Whip: I mentioned this product in my Recent GF/Dairy Free Finds post. I’ve really enjoyed this because I haven’t had whipped cream in ages. I especially love this product with some fresh berries as a sweet treat at night. 

Coco Whip

  • Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Hummus: I had never seen this flavor of hummus before and boy was it a delicious find! I love pesto so naturally I loved this hummus. It’s really delicious spread on some toast and topped with some fresh vegetables! 

Sundried Tom Pesto hummus


  • The Chocolate Thief By Laura Florand: This is the first book in Laura Florand’s “Amour et Chocolat” series. Each book takes place in Paris and focuses on a chocolate maker. I love books set in Paris, I love a good love story, and I love chocolate. This book was really cute; I have the next two books which I got for my birthday and I can’t wait to read them! 


  • Mean Streak By Sandra Brown: After being in quite a large reading rut, I made a goal to end each day reading. So far it’s been going well and I’m so glad to get back in to reading. Sandra Brown is one of my favorite authors so I was excited to read this book. This book is a thriller/suspense novel and it was nearly impossible to put down! I highly recommend this book for any thriller lovers out there.


  • Barefoot in the Sand By Roxanne St Claire: This book was a cute, light and fluffy love story which I often enjoy reading in the summer. This would be the perfect by the pool/on the beach read. I read it in three sittings and would definitely read another one of her books. 

Barefoot in the Sand


  • Black Slip-on’s with insoles: After wearing my black flats to the ground, I needed to buy some new black shoes for work. My old black flats had holes on each foot that went all the way through the shoe! I settled on these because they have insoles built in which should help my feet as I do a lot of walking. 

Insoles Flats

  • Basic Slip-On’s: I also got these black slip-on’s so I could have two options. I thought these were really comfy and they would work well with work or with more casual attire. It’s really hard for me to find shoes that fit as I have really small and narrow feet, so I decided to get both! 


  • Aveeno Body Wash: I have extremely sensitive skin that gets both oily and dry. I bought this body wash and have seen a change in my skin already! It feels very soft and has helped with eczema on my upper arms. Plus, I love the smell of it and the ingredients are great!

body wash

Home Goods:

  • Plain Rectangular Serving Plate: I bought this plain serving plate for my recipe posts. I really like to cook colorful foods with lots of produce and I want that to be the star of the show. I bought this plain plate so that the colorful food would pop! I found this at Home Goods for 4 dollars!

Serving Plate

  • Large Pasta Bowl: I also bought this pretty plain bowl for recipe posts. I love that there’s a little tomato at the bottom of the dish! I found this bowl for 5 dollars at Home Goods–it was made in Italy! 

serving bowl

Favorite July items? Do you think warm months go by quicker than cold months?

Tell me in the comments below!

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