Not in Neverland

Not in Neverland

 A few months ago I was sitting on the train on my way to work when I was suddenly hit by a thought. I looked around at all of the young professionals dressed to the nines in their business clothes and my eyes got wide. These were not just grown ups going to work, these people all looked just like ME! Wait just a minute, world! When the blazes did I become a grown up?! It was a very odd realization and it made me wonder, when does someone really truly become a real, live, full-fledged grown up?

I don’t think that becoming an adult is black and white. You don’t go to bed one night and say “Farewell, childhood! Tomorrow I shall morph in to an adult!” I think you grow in to new responsibilities that cause you to take on more of that adult role. Maybe you’re driving in your car, get a flat tire, and realize that you can’t just call your mom or dad to rescue you and give you some money to cover the new tire. Maybe it means getting up earlier than you want to, working for eight hours of your day so that you can make your rent and pay your bills on time.

For me, I realized that no matter how tired or cranky I am after work , if I don’t cook something for myself to eat, dinner will not manifest itself on my table. (Hence the reason I pre-plan my meals!) Same thing goes for when I’m sick. If I do not have any cold medicine left and want some….guess what? I’m getting my butt over to the pharmacy to buy some. (Or sending my husband off on a medicine mission)

Don’t get me wrong…it’s not all boring 9-5’s, bills, flat tires, and feverishly hobbling to the store for medicine! I have found great moments of joy while growing in to the new phase of life. For instance, I can pick out every kind of brand and food that suits my tastes and needs. I love being able to control what I eat and cook each and every day. This also includes random sugary cereals from my childhood that I sometimes indulge in! (Coco Puffs and Captain Crunch complete my soul!)


And what about those days when you find yourself stuck with tons of bills, a flat tire, and nothing good for dinner? Watch some of your old favorite cartoons from your childhood, sit down and color, or for the love of humanity make yourself a chocolate milk! Sometimes, enjoying some of your favorite things from childhood takes the edge off of those more grown up moments!

When did you realize you were a grown up? What’s your favorite thing to look back on from your childhood? Leave me a comment below! 

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