November Goals & Intentions Review

November Goals & Intentions Review

Hello…it’s me. (I hope you sang that in your best Adele voice!) Today I’m popping in to share how my goals went because somehow it’s December…eeek! 🙂 

November Goals & Intentions Review:

  • Post at least twice a week: I wasn’t able to post as much as I wanted, but am working hard to get some posts written in advance when I have a free moment. It’s hard because I will ALWAYS choose to lay down and rest for a couple of hours rather than blog right now. Aubrey’s sleep is still unpredictable, so sleep is precious whenever I can get it.
  • Apply to at least one freelance writing job: I’ve applied to three jobs but haven’t heard back on them. However, I’m working on some upcoming collaborations with Bob’s Red Mill and a few other companies to bring you some recipes for the next two months! 
  • Read one book: Like I mentioned above, I always choose sleep when I can. 
  • Try one new recipe per week: Here are the recipes that I tried this month. All three were a thumbs up.
  • Have one date night with just Daniel: Yep! Daniel and I went out to dinner using a gift card from a family member. We enjoyed uninterrupted conversations, a nice beverage, and yummy food! We shared some Korean BBQ cauliflower bites and then I had some tacos for my dinner! 

All things considered, I think I did pretty well this month. Can’t wait to brainstorm some more goals for this month of December. 

How did you do with your goals this month?

Tell me in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “November Goals & Intentions Review

  1. that’s awesome you’re working with bob’s red mill! i don’t blame you for choosing sleep over reading-i’ve been doing the same thing. hopefully i’ll have the time to get going on my reading again!

    • Thanks, Sarah! Yes, I took 12 weeks off and returned in the beginning of September. Right now I’m doing 3 days a week and home Thursdays/Fridays and the weekends. It’s been a nice balance.

  2. Nooooo blaming you that sleep out rules ANYTHING right now. I think you’ve got your priorities perfectly straight. Way to go reaching out to and applying to some freelance jobs though – and I look forward to the partnered posts you’ve scored. Congrats!

    I hope you and Daniel can keep those date nights going. They must feel extra special these days.

    • Yes, I’m hoping to do a date night of some kind once a month. It’s a nice and necessary thing for us right now I think. It definitely feels very special these days.

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