November Goals & Intentions

November Goals & Intentions

I hope you enjoyed my October favorites post yesterday! Since we’re in November, I thought I’d share my goals/intentions for the month. Each month I try to focus on a few small goals to help me focus in for the month. I’ll be sharing how things went at the end of the month. 

November Goals & Intentions:

  • Complete 2 recipes per week: I want to focus on completing 2 Foodie Friday posts/week in order to stockpile some recipe posts. They are a lot of planning and work, so I’d love to have them ready to go in advance!
  • No Blog work after 8pm: For my own sanity, I want to stop any blog work by 8:00 on weeknights. Even if I don’t get everything done, I need to remember I have a FT job and other commitments too! 
  • Finish Christmas Shopping: I want to have as stress-free holiday season as humanly possible. This month I’d like to plan out what I’m going to get each person and then order it online or purchase it from the store. I can worry about gift wrapping in December! But, at least I’ll have the gifts!
  • Plan December content: I’d like to have all of my recipes and content for December 90-95% planned out this month. Sometimes new content ideas pop up and I change my plans, but I like to have things 90% planned for the month. 
  • Stockpile posts: In another effort to make the holiday season more enjoyable, I hope to stockpile posts for this month, next month, and even January as time allows. I want to be able to enjoy all the family time and celebrations over the next few months without stressing over blog work! 

What are your November goals? Do you plan out blog posts in advance? 

Tell me in the comments below!

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20 thoughts on “November Goals & Intentions

  1. It is totally a goal of mine to finish Xmas shopping in Novemeber. I make it a goal every year but don’t think I’ve ever been able to do it. I just have sooooo many to buy for!!

  2. Ooh late night blogging is something I struggle with. I end up typing posts at like 10:30pm, and it’s stressful. Pre-planning posts seems like a good idea to me. Sometimes I draft up a few posts, and then I finish them up closer to the time I publish them. Please more recipes! I love new inspiration for cooking and baking 🙂

    • I pre-plan a month of content leaving 3-5 days of the month blank for any topics or ideas that might come up. It’s a time saver! I write it all on a calendar.

  3. You are miss organization. Holy man! The idea of stock piling and preplanning posts in order to have a less stressful/busy December is such a wonderful image. I know it won’t happen the same for me – instead – I am just accepting that I will be blogging less as I get busier and choosing all the holiday/christmas themed events over spending time on the computer. And christmas shopping – ha! Another fabulous idea. Yet again, I just can’t get my brain in to this so early on….so as always it will be a later minute thing. Aw well. That’s how I work best and I’m learning to accept it 🙂

    • You ordered a gift on 11/2! What a great start! I know it can be hard especially when you’re not quite sure what to get certain people. Good luck to both of us!

    • I try and knock out 3-4 on the weekends for the coming week but sometimes its so hard! Thanks, Brooklyn! Recipes will still be coming each Friday!

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