NYC Weekend Highlights

NYC Weekend Highlights

Over the weekend I had the privilege of taking a trip to NYC. We had a great time with my mother and father in law and my husband’s brother and wife. Here are some of our memorable weekend highlights.

9/11 Museum


I hadnt visited the 9/11 museum at all, so I was happy to finally get the chance. It was incredibly sad reliving the events of that day. Seeing the debris in person and learning about the devastation from those who were there was heartbreaking. However, I thought the museum did a wonderful job honoring each and every life that was lost that day. I’d highly recommend this place to anyone in the NYC area looking for something to do. 


Outside are the memorials with each person’s name on it who lost their life. The water structure is peaceful and beautiful. The serene beauty of it was a perfect way to remember the lives that were lost. I found a family member’s name and it was neat to visit it in person. 


Gluten Free Dinner Options:


We went to a delicious Italian restaurant for dinner that had GF pasta options! I ended up with this delicious shrimp pasta. The sauce was olive oil, oregano, roasted cherry tomatoes, and garlic. The pasta texture was amazing! 

Waterfront Walk:


While my sister-in-law was waiting for her start time in the NYC marathon, we had several hours to kill before we’d see her. We decided to walk down to the waterfront and I’m so glad we did. The weather was clear and bright and the walkway was so nice. We got some nice shots of the city and water and enjoyed the sunny weather.

NYC Marathon:

It was so cool to watch all of the runners in the NYC marathon. So many inspiring stories and impressive athletes. This was my first time watching a marathon in person and I had a lot of fun. Best sign? “If Trump can run, so can you!” If that isn’t motivation to run, I don’t know what is haha! 


I liked hearing the spectators cheer on words of encouragement to the runners as they passed. It made me remember that there are good people still out there. Also, a huge congratulations to my sister-in-law for finishing this marathon and doing amazing! I’m so happy we were there to celebrate with you! 

Favorite NYC attraction? Ever watched or ran a marathon? 

Tell me in the comments below!

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25 thoughts on “NYC Weekend Highlights

  1. Big congrats to your sister – anyone who runs a marathon is a superhero in my books.
    Wow – what a beautiful and meaningful sounding museum. I would absolutely love to visit it, and definitely will the next time I am in NYC. That is very meaningful that you found a family members’ name.
    Glad you got what looked like beautiful weather. I’d love to walk through central park again.

  2. I lived in NYC for several years and I love that city. I couldn’t raise my family there, but I do love it. One day, I will be running that marathon, darn it! One of the greatest parts of having lived in NYC is that I have a totally different perspective of the city, and a different way of moving around it.

  3. so cool you got to see the marathon!! Would have loved to witness that.

    I love Times Square. Also love just being in the heart of the city. NYC is a beautiful place!

  4. That’s so wonderful that you went and saw the marathon.

    And that 9/11 museum would be so sobering; it definitely brings you face to face with some really important questions.

    NYC is such a beautiful, diverse city. I loved exploring.

  5. This sounds like so much fun! I would love to go to NYC! I bet it was surreal being at the museum. We have one here for our capital bombing and it is very humbling to go inside. It’s so hard to look at the pictures of the people who lost their lives and not get emotional. The marathon I ran this year is in memory of the bombing and also to honor the survivors. It’s a hard emotion to explain to be at the site of it and be surrounded by people who lost loved ones and also those that survived. Tell your sis-in-law congrats! I would love to run the NYC marathon! The spectators and the signs are the best part of a race!

    • Have you ever been to NYC? If not you MUST!! It was surreal! I had a family member die in the 2nd plane that day and it was hard to see their picture and see their name. I was really impressed with how the museum captured everything and really honored everyone who lost their lives.

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