October Goals/Intentions

October Goals/Intentions

First things first…a big big big happy birthday to my dad today! 😀 My dad worked so hard so that we could have a safe and happy childhood. A family man to the core, he is always there when I need him. Much love to him today and always! 


Since today’s the first Monday of October, I will be sharing my goals and intentions for this month. As usual, I’d love to hear your own goals for the month in the comments below!

October Goals/Intentions:

  • Spread Cleaning chores throughout week: I always feel overwhelmed on the weekends trying to get all cleaning and errands done. I’d like to come up with a cleaning schedule that spreads everything out throughout the week. 
  • Workout 3-4 times/week: Now that my back/neck seem to be back to normal, I’d like to get back in to a good workout routine. I’m going to start with 3-4 times/week and see how that feels. I’m looking forward to getting back in to it!
  • Apply to one freelance Writing Position: I wasn’t able to get this done last month, so this month it is! If anyone has any good resources or tips for freelance writing, please let me know! Any advice or help would me much appreciated!
  • Make & Photograph October’s recipes in advance: I’ll be going away on vacation next week, so I’d like to not only get ahead on posts, but especially on recipes. I’m hoping to complete all 4 of October’s recipes in two sessions. 
  • Go to Local Orchard & bake pumpkin bread: I’d like to visit a local pumpkin patch/orchard before Halloween. I always love picking out a pumpkin and getting some jam or fall-ish foods. I’d also love to bake some pumpkin bread…gluten free of course! What’s your favorite gluten free pumpkin bread recipe?

What are your October goals? Freelance writing advice? Best GF pumpkin bread recipe?

Tell me in the comments below!

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22 thoughts on “October Goals/Intentions

  1. Again – I need to do this. I’m craving some good goal making.
    I also am really wanting to look into freelance writing. I began to last year, but then got too busy, and realized I don’t have the time to make it a priority right now. But it’s definitely still in my thoughts for the future. So please, whatever you end up learning – I’d love to hear!
    I hope you get in that visit to a local pumpkin patch! So I can live vicariously through you and drool over all the pictures. <3

    • I’ll definitely share my thoughts and findings about freelance stuff! I’m hoping I can find SOMETHING! It’s so hard to start something when you don’t really have the experience. Yes, I’ll take many pumpkin patch photos!

  2. Love that picture of you and your dad!! so sweet! I feel the same way about the cleaning situation.. I always say I am going to do one thing each day, but then I end up putting everything off and having to do all my cleaning on one day which is very overwhelming. My big goal for this month is to continue to watch less mindless tv and read more. So ready for fall.

    • I know, it’s hard to make a schedule for doing anything during weeknights! Thats a great goal…what books are you hoping to read?

  3. I would love to cook meals this month and not be rushed on any of them. 🙂 And that picture of you and your daddy is really sweet. It’s precious having a deep bond with our daddies. And I think I need to get on doing my recipes in advance; I fly too much by the seat of the pants or skirt, and it comes back to bite me. :o)

    • Thats a good one, Emily! I hate that feeling too. I definitely do recipes last minute too…more so than any other posts!

  4. That is an awesome idea to spread out the cleaning. I always feel overwhelmed on the weekend and it takes me way longer to get it done because I just don’t know where to start! I would love to apply for a freelance job as well, but have no idea where to do it.

    • I know, I’ll let you know if the scheduling thing works out for me! Also, I’ll let you know if I learn anything new about freelance writing!

  5. Thank you Heather and all your wonderful Gals on here for your ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY !” and all your kind words and well-wishes.(Yes, I must admit, that picture of us on the porch turned out pretty good, didn’t it?) Looking back it feels more like fun than work! I can’t believe I’ve been around for 63 years! It seems like Pap was just that old. I had a great birthday; Holly brought Lilly over for breakfast and she picked out a pirate balloon for me –Then a delightful trip to the eye doctor for a check-up—A nice brunch with Mom at Cracker Barrel — Topped off with a wet, rousing drill at the firehouse!

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