Outer Banks Eats

Outer Banks Eats

Hello, everyone! I hope that you’re off to a lovely Wednesday! I’ll be doing a trip highlights post later on, but today I’m popping in to share some good eats from the trip. Enjoy!

Outer Banks Eats

  • Homemade chips & Salsa with fish tacos: Daniel and I found this little hole in the wall Mexican place on the way down to North Carolina. We both really enjoyed the food and it was very authentic! 



  • Vegan/GF Pizza & Fries: Found this beauty in Maryland…so good! I loved that they did gluten free crust on any pizza that you wanted. I went for the vegan loaded veggie option!


  • Breakfast Potatoes & Veggie Omelette: My brother-in-law is a chef, and he made those delicious potatoes! I loved having them with a veggie omelette in the morning and topping it with some sriracha. 


  • Spinach Salad with Shrimp: This spinach salad was from a pub and I thought it would be a mediocre salad. This pub apparently knows how to do up salads! It had cranberries, pecans, onion, blueberries, and grilled shrimp. 


Can’t wait to share more about my trip soon! Until then, happy food gazing! 

What’s the best thing that you’ve eaten recently? 

Tell me in the comments below!

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14 thoughts on “Outer Banks Eats

  1. That breakfast potato and omelet mix; it sounds so good! 🙂 And that pizza; all of it looks so memorable! It looks like your vacation was absolutely wonderful. Best thing I’ve eaten lately; really doughy chocolate pumpkin bread.

  2. LOVE fish tacos!! I’ve been craving mexican lately. And fish! Also that pizza looks amazing. I need to have a pizza night soon! I love just plain cheese or veggie pizza. 🙂

  3. I know what you mean about expecting certain salads to be mediocre. It’s great when places can surprise you!
    I live in SC so we usually got SC beaches, but Outer Banks is on my list! I’ve heard great things.

    • Yes I was so surprised! SC is so beautiful too…I wish I could live down there because its so much warmer in the winter! You should check out Outer Banks…very beautiful!

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