P.S. & Co. Experience

P.S. & Co. Experience

P.S. & Co Experience

Hello, friends! I hope that you all had a great weekend! What beautiful summer weather we’re having! I am soaking it all in and hoping that it never leaves! On Saturday, I met up with two friends and tried out a new to me restaurant in the Rittenhouse area of Philadelphia. P.S. & Co is a 100% vegan and 100% gluten free cafe with sweets, coffees and teas, and a wide selection of food and sides.

Right when I walked up to the restaurant, I loved the vibe it gave off. From the street, you can see their little sign amongst some beautiful greenery. Had I just been walking on that street, I definitely would have wanted to stop in just from the look of the place! Isn’t it adorable?

PS & Co Front

Once we entered, I loved the more industrial feel of the decor. There were exposed brick walls, open duct work, and modern industrial furnishings. However, throughout the industrial decor, there were beautiful greens, pineapple, and plants sprinkled around for a more natural look. I’d say that the biggest challenge was deciding what to get!

PS & Co Interior

My Eats

I knew I had to try out one of their hand-pressed juices, so I decided on a watermelon mint juice. It was so refreshing and summery! I also ordered a Summer Spring roll and a Vegetable Pad Thai for my food options.

PS & Co Meal

The spring roll had a really smokey tofu inside which was probably the best tofu I’ve ever had. If you’re not keen on  tofu, I’d suggest giving this one a whirl! Not to mention, the creamy sweet and savory dipping sauce was amazing! The sauce was something I could have drank, had that been more socially acceptable! The Pad Thai was another grand slam, filled with the peanut-y savory flavors that a regular Pad Thai offers.

Other Eats

My friends were kind enough to share their choices so that we could try out more of their menu! We enjoyed Sweet potato mac and cheese which had a really great texture and flavor.

Sweet Potato Mac & Cheese

I can’t tell you how exciting it was to be able to order some mac and cheese at a restaurant!

Flatbread Pizza

This flatbread pizza had some awesome pizza flavor and I can’t tell you how delicious it was to actually eat a flatbread that did not taste like cardboard! Whether you’re gluten free or not, you will enjoy all of the bread that P.S. & Co has to offer!

Chocolate Chip Pancakes & Mushroom bacon

Lastly, we enjoyed these Quinoa Chocolate Chip Pancakes with mushroom bacon. Besides my choices, this was my favorite dish of them all. The pancakes were fluffy and thick and the flavor and texture of the mushroom bacon was amazing! I was too full to enjoy dessert there, but you better believe I got two items to go. I enjoyed a Sweet potato bread with a blueberry compote filling, and an Adzuki bean brownie (no, you cant taste the beans) which I split with Daniel later that night. Both were Delicious!

P.S. & Co Dessert To go

Everyone who was working there was super helpful and friendly and I really enjoyed the overall experience. I will definitely be returning again to try out more delicious eats! I’d highly recommend this place for anyone visiting the Philadelphia area and to any Philadelphia natives. Meat and gluten eater or not, you will find something to delight your taste buds! 

Favorite cold-pressed juice? Favorite type of restaurant? Brunch or lunch?

Tell me in the comments below!

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22 thoughts on “P.S. & Co. Experience

  1. I’m a huge brunch fan! But I think it’s mostly because I don’t have it very often, so it’s almost a treat. The sweet potato Mac and cheese looks and sounds amazing. And what a cute restaurant! Great find!

  2. yumm!! That is my kind of restaurant!! All the food looks amazing and that juice… watermelon, lime, and mint juice is my absolutely favorite! so hydrating!

  3. That looks so cute! Juice – love apple with some ginger for spice Restaurants – Unique ones like that where you’ll never find another one like it! BRUNCH b/c I can order eggs (my favorite food) 🙂

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