Packing for a Cruise

Packing for a Cruise

Hello and happy Wednesday! I am writing this on a Sunday and  am working on this week’s material as well as next week’s so I can still provide my usual Monday, Wednesday, Friday content while I am traveling! I thought since I was already packing this weekend, I would share some of my packing tips for a cruise. 

First thing’s first, I will ALWAYS pack my bathing suits and cover up first. I LOVE the water and it’s what I look forward to the most when traveling. I decided to pack three suits and one cover up just in case one of my suits is still damp. Beach and shower towels are provided so I will not be packing those! 

Bathing suits and cover up

Next, I thought about what outfits I wanted to wear for dinners. Every night there are very fancy and delicious dinners so I like to dress up a bit. I picked out enough dresses for each night we’re away and chose three necklaces to pack with them that will match all of the dresses.

night time

I decided to pack casual flip flops for going to the beach, dressy yet casual open toed sandals, black flats, and a pair of sneakers. The sandals and flats will match any dressy outfits and I will wear sneakers or flip flops during the day depending on the day’s activities. 


For my outfits during the day, I simply just went through the itinerary and thought about what we had planned to do that day and made an appropriate selection. I included socks and underwear to make the complete outfit so all I’ll need to do is pull it out for the day. 


I decided to pack a couple of beaters and some shorts just in case something gets wet or if I want to sleep in them. 


I am a crazy sunscreen packer. Every time we go away I find myself with at least 4 bottles of sunscreen! I have fair skin and I do actually tan, but skin cancer runs in my family so I’m always really diligent to avoid sun exposure and to protect myself from the sun! I also included bug spray since we’ll be in a hot tropical climate. (No Zika virus, please). I love these gallon sized Ziplock bags for liquids because if anything leaks, it will stay in the bag! 

sun and bugs

As far as toiletries go, I love the travel sized stuff. It’s a great space saver when you don’t want to overpack. Basically I bring your standard toiletries plus medicine for every stomach ailment that might occur while traveling. (Sensitive stomachs…hooray!) I once read that you should buy a little perfume and take it with you on vacation so that when you wear it at home, it will make you remember your trip. I bought that little perfume before our trip to Jamaica in 2014 and I’ll be bringing it with me on this trip too! 


toiletry bag

Everything fit in to this little toiletry bag!

For this trip, I decided to ditch a purse and just use a backpack. I’ll use the backpack while we’re out doing excursions and it will also be great for the airport. I packed a small clutch for dinner if I want to bring my phone for pictures and also for my room key.

carry on bag

I bought some healthy snacks to take for travel time or during excursions. This tropical medley dried fruit mix is so delicious! I also got some natural almonds and some Larabars. In my carry-on I will have our travel documents, the snacks, motion sickness pills for the flight, my book,(probably Daniel’s book will end up in there too) a word search & Sudoku, pens, gum, and chapstick. I’ll add my wallet and sunglasses once I move things from my purse. 

carry on

I put our passports in this cute hand stitched sleeve that I bought in Korea and I placed all of our other travel documents in a folder to protect them and keep them together. 

Travel docs

I still need to add a few last minute items that I can’t pack until the night before like my make-up, hair brush, phone, phone charger… but I have pretty much everything together now! Everything ended up fitting in to my suitcase folded, otherwise I would have done the space saving roll method. 


 What  packing tips do you live by?

Tell me in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “Packing for a Cruise

  1. Great post!! I love seeing how other people pack. I always make a list of everything I want to pack and check it off as I go. I love all the small travel size toiletries options they have these days. They are super cheap at target so I always stock up and have them at home for when the need arises. Have so much fun!!

  2. YAYYYYY!!!! I hope you have an amazing trip!!

    Haha, I am a crazy sunscreen packer as well….I feel I wipe out the Whole Foods section with different kinds and scents.

    I probably over pack everywhere I go, but I love having my stuff with me!!


  3. I am super impressed by how organized you are! I try to be, but I usually have a huge mess when I am packing. I am even more impressed by your toiletries! I like travel sizes, but they never seem like enough, so I usually take full size of most everything. I also pack pepto too! I have a really weak stomach. I love that beach picture at the top of your post. I wish I was sitting there sipping on that daiquiri right now! I hope you have so much fun and enjoy the warm weather!!

    • Thank you! I felt like that about the travel sized stuff my entire life until last year when I decided to buy some before going away and it ended up lasting the whole time and I had some left! It’s like the Mary Poppins bag…haha!

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