Recent Eats

Today I’m sharing what I’ve been enjoying lately for my daily eats. I hope you’ll share some of your own goodies in the comments below! Recent Eats: Breakfasts: Still going hard on the oats. I’ve been enjoying the dark chocolate, peanut butter combo. Natural peanut butter tastes so much better. If you haven’t tried it, … Read more

Foodie Friday: Pea and Lentil Balls

Happy Friday! Growing up, one of my favorite dinners was spaghetti and meatballs. There’s something so familiar and homey about a big bowl of pasta and meatballs. Today I eat a mostly plant-based diet so I wanted to experiment with meatballs. These Pea and Lentil Balls are vegan, gluten free, and still packed with flavor … Read more

TOL: 10 Random Facts

Today I’m thinking out loud with Amanda and sharing 10 random facts about myself. Please tell me a random fact about yourself in the comments below!  TOL: 10 Random Facts I speak 4 languages and can read Latin: English, Spanish, French, and Korean 🙂 I hate loud chewing: When I hear someone chewing loudly, I get so angry and … Read more