Pregnancy Update: 1st Trimester

Pregnancy Update: 1st Trimester

Popping in to share my little update on my first trimester with you all! It’s been quite a journey already! I’d love to hear how your first trimesters went in the comments below if you’re already a mama! 

Baby Growth:

8 Week Pregnancy Bump

Baby went from being as small is a poppy seed to the size of a plum! I have been amazed at how much the baby grows every single week and have been using the What to Expect app and The Bump app on my phone. It’s been fun reading about the baby’s development each week!

(12 Week Pregnancy Bump)

Weight Gained:

In the first trimester I lost about 5-7 pounds from being sick. My doctor wasn’t concerned since it’s common for this to happen. Plus, I was able to keep some food down. I did my best to eat larger portions when I could actually stomach food. As a foodie to the core, this was quite a change up from my normal life. 


NAUSEA! I was sick from morning to night with little to no breaks of relief from week 5. Going to work was so so difficult and one of the hardest things I can remember having to force myself to do. I basically ate gluten free bread products and broth based soups for almost 3 full months. It was insane!

Feeling exhaustion, moodiness, and very sore (and larger) breasts! I also pee every 5 seconds. On the bright side, the trips to the bathroom force me to take more stretching/walk breaks from the computer at work!

Around week 9 or 10 I started getting very bad hormonal acne and extra dry skin. This is apparently very common. I’m not surprised with this one as my skin is always super reactive to any dietary or hormonal changes I’m going through!

Working Out:

I kept up a normal workout routine for about a week after finding out. Once the nausea hit, I tried to do a workout and it made me feel 100 times more nauseous than before I worked out. I guess it wasn’t a terrible thing that I wasn’t able to workout since I was having trouble keeping my weight on! 

Food Aversions:

Everything on this earth that was not a salty carbohydrate or broth based soup! 

Food Cravings:

Salty Carbohydrates (BBQ Chips, pretzels, GF bagels, crackers), Rice Ramen, Miso soup, & plain bland carbs! 

Baby Related Purchases:

Belly Butter, Pregnancy Journal, Preggie Pop Drops, Morning Sickness Tea (didn’t help!), & Announcement onesies and announcement pacifiers to tell family. 

Boy/Girl Guesses:

I think it’s a boy! 

Best Moments:

Finding out I was pregnant!

Hearing baby’s heartbeat at my 8 week appointment & getting our ultrasound picture!

Telling family & friends the good news. 

Looking Forward To:

Feeling more myself, getting back in to working out/eating normally , & finding out the gender at 20 weeks! 

Although I’ve had a bit of a rough time, I’m so so thrilled and excited for this time. I’ve never felt more overjoyed to feel so terrible in all of my life. I already feel totally in love with our little one!  I’ve wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember and this is truly a special time for me and my husband. I can’t wait to share the rest of my journey with you all! <3 

Favorite 1st trimester moment? What was the best way someone announced their pregnancy to you?

Tell me in the comments below!

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24 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: 1st Trimester

  1. This is so exciting and this post makes it so much more real! I hope you continue to do updates, so fun to read. I’m sorry you experienced so much nausea and sickness; yuck. Isn’t there a wives tale that if you have morning sickness it’s supposed to be one or the other? (not sure if a boy or girl!)

    • Thanks, Sarah! I hope to do them about once a month. They’ll be fun to look back on too! Some people say morning sickness means a girl but it’s definitely a wive’s tale. I’ve also had people tell me that they think I’m having a boy because I was so nauseous so I’m not sure haha!

  2. Look at how cute your little belly is!! Adorable girl. So happy that things are progressing well for you thus far. Excited to read more about your journey <3

    • I am definitely feeling much better now (17 weeks) THANK THE LORD!! My sweet tooth seems to have returned a bit since the nausea is now gone!

  3. This just made me sooooo happy. Well, I mean besides hearing about all the awful sickness and nausea and difficulty keeping food down. Man pregnancy is tough!!! But you are smiling through it and I can feel all the love from here. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

    • Absolutely! 😀 I think that chatting with others about it has helped me too. I’m staying positive and enjoying the best moments while working through the tough ones!

    • Thank you, Emily! Yes, I have a wonderful set of doctors and I know that no matter what curve balls pregnancy might throw my way, I’ve got a great team!

  4. <3 This is so so random, but I can I just say that I love your glasses? They are so cute!
    On a more pertinent note, I'm so glad for all the joy this pregnancy and new life are going to bring you and also empathizing with how tough all the nausea stuff sounds. Not being able to eat to a regular schedule and feeling really sick when you work out would sure throw off a normal, routine life. Glad you've at least been able to keep some food down–hopefully the nausea nonsense will pass soon. I'm so looking forward to hearing more updates, beautiful mama!

    • Thank you! I found out last year that I’m quite near sighted and needed to get glasses after a childhood and early adulthood of perfect vision! I thought they suited my style! The sickness has definitely gotten better now (17 weeks) and I’m super grateful for that!

  5. Aww I’m so sorry you were so sick! Glad you are feeling better. SO proud of you for not working out when sick. Definitely didn’t need that stress on top of nausea. I loved carbs for first trimester. Who am I kidding; I’m still all about carbs!

    • I’m feeling better now though and am able to get some movement in again! Never thought I’d see the day! You’re right about the card–it was a huge love of mine too. I thought I already loved carbs and this took things to the next level haha!

  6. Your little bump is so cute!! I’m sorry to hear about all the nausea; hopefully this trimester will be easier for you. Cannot wait for the gender reveal! I think you’re having a boy too 😉

  7. My best friend just went through her first trimester and your experience is like hers to a T. They say that girl babies cause more morning sickness and nausea, but you know how those wise tales go 😉 I bet the nausea will be much better for the rest of the pregnancy! I can’t wait to hear more of your journey!

    One of the best ways someone announced their pregnancy was a “Coming Soon” ad like theaters post… (similar to the third one down on this list!)

    Thank you again for sharing this journey with us, Heather!

    • That coming soon idea is so cute! I’ve heard that about girls and I’ve heard people say that it means boys too–I hate when the wive’s tales conflict! haha! Im feeling much better now that I’m in week 17–I hope your best friend is too! <3

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