Pregnancy Update: Weeks 13-16

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 13-16

Baby Growth:

Baby grew from the size of a plum to the size of an avocado! 

Weight Gained:

I lost 5-7 pounds during weeks 5-12 and now I’ve gained back all but one of those lost pounds. I think we’re on the road for normal weight gain now! 


Still nauseous up until week 16. I’m still having bad days and bad moments but overall am feeling much better. 

Still going to the bathroom all of the time, still have sore breasts, and am experiencing minor aches/stretching pains. Growing pains if you will. Hormonal acne is still raging!

Slightly more energized since week 16 but am super exhausted by the end of the work day. I wish it were possible to take a nap at work!

Working Out:

I began working out again at week 15. I’m doing prenatal cardio, strength training, prenatal pilates, prenatal yoga, & stretching. I found a lot of great YouTube workouts for pregnancy that I’ve been using. It feels great to be moving again even though it can be hard to get myself to start. I have been surprised at how much more challenging working out can feel while pregnant! Simple moves are no longer simple!

Food Aversions:

Still hating coffee and tea, hating cumin and anything super strong smelling, & anything with meat. I’m almost back to normal with my love of fruits and vegetables! 

Food Cravings:

Still loving the GF bagels, Popsicles, Citrus fruits, Asian Food (all of it!), Roasted or sauteed vegetables.

Baby Related Purchases:

Maternity clothes! I’m loving how much more comfortable I am now that I’m not trying to squish in to my old pants! I made the switch over at 15 weeks. 

Boy/Girl Guesses:

I’m still thinking it’s a boy!

Best Moments:

Hearing the heartbeat at my 12 & 16 week appointment! 

Announcing the baby news on the blog and online.

Looking Forward To:

Finding out the Gender at 20 weeks! 

Enjoying the growing bump! 

Would you/Did you find out the gender of your baby? Ever asked someone when they were due and realized they weren’t pregnant?!

Tell me in the comments below!

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33 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: Weeks 13-16

  1. I can’t wait for you to find out! I love knowing and feel more connected, so to speak. I had strong aversions to tea, as well. Hopefully energy starts returning but I hear ya on the naps. I’m exhausted still most afternoons, ha. I love your bump! You look so cute.

    • I know, I can’t believe I couldn’t even think about coffee. Luckily, I’m able to drink it now (19 weeks)! Working out has been a challenge and learning curve. I think I’m going to chat about it in a separate post.

  2. We knew my step-mom was pregnant when she started refusing coffee. She drinks like 2 pots of coffee a day so the second she turned down her morning cup my dad was like, “Oh crap.” lol

  3. It’s amazing to me how different people have different aversions and cravings; I wonder what determines that? Also, I can not get over how cute and beautiful every single pregnant woman looks. I know it’s not always an easy journey, but you are gorgeous.

  4. Kudos to you for sticking with your workouts. That’s something to be proud of, especially on days when you’re not feeling well. Ooh I’m not pregnant, but I still dislike the smell of cumin and other strong smells. Eww. It’s so exciting to follow along, from afar, on your journey <3

    • I wasn’t able to workout the first 14 weeks because of being sick, but I’m happy to jump back in to it! Thank you! Yes, cumin is a love it or hate it smell! Usually I’m on team cumin…lately, not so much!

    • Thanks, Sarah! That’s so sad that you hated coffee the whole time! I just recently I think around week 18 last week, started back up again with coffee!

  5. Even though I’m nowhere near being a mum – single lady here – reading these updates is sweet. I can only imagine the excitement of hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time!
    Regarding your gender guess: most people around here say that if a woman only has a bump it’s a boy and weight gain all around signifies a girl. It was true for two women I know but might also have been coincidence.

    • Thank you! 😀 I don’t think I’ve gained weight much else except for my belly…maybe my guess is correct in saying boy then!

  6. I’ve thought about it many times whether I would want to know the gender or not. I guess… it sure would be nice to know what colors of clothes etc to buy. But I’m also kind of old fashioned in wanting it to be a surprise. I don’t know!
    I would think it would feel really nice to stretch and move your body around during this – so that it doesn’t get too stiff – though no doubt somethings could feel pretty difficult and uncomfortable. I hope its feeling good on your body and giving you little bits of energy! Prenatal yoga sounds wonderful.

  7. I love how you illustrate these posts with tiny baby shoes. So cute!
    It’s hard for me to imagine having an aversion to tea. (Coffee, I get.) We’ll see what happens if I ever get pregnant, though. Glad at least fruits & veggies are seeming a bit more appetizing.
    I’m glad announcing the baby news online counted among your best moments. We were all so excited when you made the announcement. <3

  8. I didn’t find out the gender with any of my kiddos. I have 4 boys now. I really like the surprise and curiosity helped me through the end parts of labour. I also love calling to let everyone know “what” we had!!! Such fun times 🙂

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