Pregnancy Update: Weeks 17-20

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 17-20

Today I’m here to share my monthly pregnancy update with you all! This month we’re talking weeks 17-20. Let’s get in to the baby stuff!

Baby Growth:

Baby grew from the size of Pomegranate to a Banana. At 20 weeks, the baby is about 6.5 inches long and weighs about 10 ounces. 

Weight Gained:

I’ve now gained about 3 pounds. My weight fluctuates of course depending on when I weigh myself. It seems I’ve gained about 1/2 pound-1 pound per week. I’m happy the number’s now going up and not down like in my first trimester! 


Trouble sleeping: I’ve not been sleeping well since the day that I found out I was pregnant. At first I chalked it up to frequent bathroom trips and general anxiety/insomnia. Now I am having a good amount of lower back pain and hip pain which makes it very hard to sleep as I can’t sleep on my back or stomach anymore. 

Around week 17/18, my hormonal acne seemed to get a little better. It’s definitely still there but it’s looking much clearer. I’m also experiencing some leaking nipples which is totally normal to any mamas-to-be out there worried about this. This can happen anywhere from week 14 onward and is actually a good sign!

I’m having some off and on heartburn but nothing too severe as well as typical aches and pains from everything expanding and stretching. 

Raging appetite…yay!! Enjoying lots of snacks and meals and keeping things mostly healthy. 

Working Out:

I’ve been working out 1-4 times per week depending on my energy levels. Sometimes if I don’t want to do a full workout, I’ll do some stretching. On days where it’s not too cold, I’ll take a 15-20 minute walk on my lunch break as well to get things pumping. I also have to walk almost a mile each way to get to my building from the train station so I’m still getting that in as well. 

Food Cravings:

Nachos (I still haven’t made any yet!), All the Asian food, Citrus fruits, Pineapple, Spicy foods, chocolate cake

Food Aversions:

Meat & cumin. Nothing else really but I usually want very specific foods at very specific times. Sometimes if I try to eat something I’m not in the mood for, I get queasy. Other than that, I am back to basically my normal diet again! 

Baby Related Purchases:

Gender reveal cake!

Boy/Girl Guesses:

I’m writing this before I find out, so I’m still thinking it’s a boy!

Best Moments:

Feeling baby movement starting at 16 weeks. Each week the kicks and movement feel stronger and stronger. I love it! 

Finding a perfect apartment for us to move in to next month! It has a cozy little nursery room and I can’t wait to decorate! 

Seeing the detailed 20 week ultrasound/anatomy scan photos. It was crazy to see how much they’ve grown since 8 weeks. It was also amazing to see their detailed face and bones and hands…so cute!! 

Looking Forward To:

My gender reveal tomorrow! I can’t wait to find out whether we’re having a boy or girl so we can start thinking about names, pick out registry items, and get more prepped for this little one! 

Would you do a gender reveal cake? Favorite snack? Should I do a new apartment tour post next month?

Tell me in the comments below!

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21 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: Weeks 17-20

  1. Congrats on finding the new apartment!! That is so exciting!! The cravings are so interesting, as is the queasiness when you eat something you don’t feel like. That baby knows what it wants!!
    Can’t wait to hear the reveal…. 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m not looking forward to packing our current apartment but I am looking forward to organizing everything at the new place! Isn’t that crazy? It’s even with foods I normally love and devour happily! I have to be in the mood for it…very particular baby I have hahaha!

  2. Yay for an apartment! Also, have you looked into the snoogle (or others just like it)? I had everything you said for my first and really struggled sleeping but that helped me tremendously! I’m not actually needing it this time but I would recommend a pregnancy body pillow to help sleep!! You look great!

    • I’ve been using the Boppy Pregnancy pillow. It has definitely helped but some nights just seem worse than others for trying to get comfortable and for hip pain in general!

  3. I had some nachos for you last night 😉
    It’s funny because I feel like I’m learning so much about pregnancy that I never thought of before. I worked on the OBGYN unit this past weekend and it made me so excited for all the new moms!
    I’m excited to learn about the gender reveal- cakes are such a fun idea for that.

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