Pregnancy Update: Weeks 21-24

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 21-24

How has it already been a month since my last update?! :-O I am writing this at 24 weeks pregnant and here’s what’s been going on!

Baby Growth:

Baby has grown from the size of a large carrot to a cantaloupe! The baby is about 11.8 inches long and weighs about 1.3 pounds! 

Weight Gained:

This month I gained about 4 pounds for a total of 5-7 pounds gained so far. Doctor said baby’s size and my measurements are great and I’m on track!


Braxton Hicks Contractions: Around week 21 I began to feel braxton hicks contractions. Nothing has been super regular and there are days where I don’t feel them, but I definitely get them on a semi-regular basis. 

Same off and on heartburn, trouble sleeping, and nipple leaking as last month. Nothing new to report with those symptoms!

Rashy cheeks: Just this past week (weeks 23-24) I ate bell pepper on three different occasions and all three times I got a rash on my cheeks. I will be bringing this up with my doctor and seeing if I should visit an allergist! Weird pregnancy allergy pop-up perhaps!

Working Out:

I have been walking everyday on my lunch break for about 15-20 minutes which helps to keep moving during the workday. I also try to do 2-3 prenatal yoga videos per week and stretch whenever possible. My energy levels are pretty low by the end of the work day, so this doesn’t always happen.

Food Cravings:

Spicy Foods, Rice Krispy Treats (couldn’t find any that didn’t contain milk and didn’t feel like making my own), PF Changs, Tofu, shredded iceberg lettuce (so weird!), and banana muffins/banana bread.

Food Aversions:

Anything savory in the morning, especially eggs! Cumin is still iffy and I still hate the idea of meat. Occasional seafood has been okay at times.

Baby Related Purchases:

My mom bought us a really cute outfit to add to our stash but I didn’t personally buy anything this month for her. 

Boy/Girl Guesses:

As I announced in my Gender Reveal post we are expecting a baby girl!

Best Moments:

Starting our baby registry and looking at nursery decorating ideas! 

Enjoying the fact that Daniel can now feel the kicks on the outside. She kicks so hard in fact that you can see her dancing around through my clothes!

Settling on a name! We decided to keep her name a secret until she’s born, but we both loved a name and actually had zero arguments over it! <3

Looking Forward To:

Moving in to our new apartment in three weeks and starting on decorating! 

Moms, ever develop a random food allergy during pregnancy? Favorite baby item to buy?

Tell me in the comments below!

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23 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: Weeks 21-24

  1. Those allergy symptoms are so interesting – I guess it’s possible to develop allergies while you are pregnant and then lose them after? I’ll be interested in hearing what your doctor says! The kicks sound so cute 🙂

  2. Eeee I want to see her dance! Sounds like she’s going to be an active gal :). Moving is going to be exhausting so make sure you stay well rested! Now I sound like a Mom…

    • I’ll try and take a video of it! It’s so crazy! Thanks, Mom! 😀 You’re so right though, I’m going to have to sit and direct the move from a chair so I don’t get too exhausted haha!

  3. Cute little belly!! I remember when my friend was pregnant we would watch her baby “dance” all the time. She was crazy active and my friend’s belly noticeably moved all the time! It was kind of like one of those crazy alien movies – like something was going to come crawling its way out of her belly. Sorry – hope I didn’t just give you nightmares 😉

  4. It’s interesting how the body can change and act so different during pregnancy; I always love hearing about the journey. And it’s weird, but normally (though i’ve never been pregnant) I almost never crave savory food in the morning.

  5. You are the cutest!! How do you feel about Braxton Hicks Contractions? Do they scare you at all or do you feel like you mentally know they aren’t anything to be nervous about? Also- I find it fascinating to see what food people crave/ and are averted to while pregnant. I have never heard shredded lettuce! So funny! I can’t wait to hear what you name her <3

    • Thanks! 😀 I’m feeling okay about the contractions because I knew what they were when I felt them. They aren’t super comfy but I’m just trying to stay calm haha 🙂

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