Pregnancy Update: Weeks 33-36

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 33-36

Today I’m popping in to share my latest pregnancy update because I’m 36 weeks now! :-O

Baby Growth:

Baby has grown from the size of a bunch of celery to the size of a papaya. She is about 18.7 inches long and weighs about 5.73 pounds. 

Weight Gained:

I gained 5 pounds this month for a total of about 17 pounds gained my pregnancy so far.


Continuation of last month’s symptoms with added intensity. I’m experiencing lots of pelvic pain and pressure and lots of contractions.

I have less and less energy and am just trying to take it easy besides working and daily activities. 

When baby dropped she put so much pressure on my bladder that it can no longer 100% empty (fun!) . This caused me to get a UTI so I had to get a prescription for that. Feeling some improvement now that I’ve taken the meds! Now I go to the bathroom roughly every 15 minutes :-O

Working Out:

Going to work, commuting, and some light daily activities are all I can handle now.

Food Cravings:

Frozen lemonade, Donuts, coffee cake, cookie sandwiches with ice cream in the middle, stir fry, Chinese food. Basically all the sweets plus a few random Asian dishes haha! 

Food Aversions:

Still savory in the morning. Also, I haven’t wanted to cook AT ALL. Daniel and some family members have done a few meals for us which has been great. I’m sticking to easy stuff for now…if someone makes it for me then I’m happy. 

Baby Related Purchases:

Nursing bras, nursery decor, glider and foot stool, and the maternity photo shoot! 

Best Moments:

Week 33 we were told to get a growth scan to double check on her progress because my belly was measuring small. Turns out it was just because she was low in my pelvis and she’s right on track for growth. I was happy to see her again and get more ultrasound photos though! 

Maternity Photo Shoot: I really was hoping to get some nice shots before she came and I’m so glad we were able to get it done! I can’t wait to see the final product. I received a few photos as a sneak peek and am really happy with them…cant wait to see the rest! I’ll definitely share them on here once I get them!

Looking Forward To:

Getting to next week! They don’t stop labor from 37 weeks onward so after next week I can officially relax that I’m not going to have a premature baby and just enjoy however much longer I have! 😀 

Meeting her! We’re so close I can taste it–we have everything ready to go! 

Moms, let me hear your recovery tips! What was the best moment of your long weekend?

Tell me in the comments below!

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20 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: Weeks 33-36

  1. So thankful that you are this far along and that baby is ALMOST HERE!!!!! <3 And ultrasound photos are just the sweetest. It's so amazing to see God forming and growing the baby.

  2. You look great!! Almost there!! I’d recommend gettign some comfy pants that aren’t your before size but also not maternity. Your belly will be so flabby after so ther matnerity clothes just press on the wrong part, ha. You’ll see what I mean but your organs aren’t in place yet. It’s something I forgot to have for both pregnancies and am searching for pants tow ear, lol. Also, buy multiple changing pad covers lol

  3. You are beautiful, Heather. So happy to hear of the continued health and good news… may it all continue to be so! Sending you all the best wishes of health and happiness this month <3<3<3

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