Reading List 2018

Reading List 2018

Hello! Today I’m popping in to share my reading list for 2018. It’s not a ton of books and I’ll definitely add more on if I get to them, but I really want to read more. I feel like now that things in the nap and sleep department have settled down a bit, I can read a little bit easier. In my 18 Goals for 2018 post, I shared wanting to read at least 4 books this year which I feel is doable even as a mama of a little one. To get myself pumped and ready for more reading, I ordered some new Amazon books. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE getting new fresh books. What a wonderful feeling! 

Reading List 2018

  • It Was Me All Along By: Andie Mitchell Memoirs are my favorite type of book to read. I especially love travel and food memoirs. I love them because Iit’s getting to know a real person. A slice of life book, if you will. I’ve been wanting to read this one for a long while, so I’ll be starting off with this one. 
  • Taste By: Barb Stuckey I first heard of this book from Caitlin from From My Bowl and knew for sure I wanted to read it for myself too. It explores the science behind food and taste. 
  • Grace Not Perfection By: Emily Ley  I saw this book floating around the internet from different bloggers and added it to my reading list. Self-help books are another favorite of mine and I’m looking forward to digging in to this one.
  • Present Over Perfect By: Shauna Niequist  Another self-help type book to learn more about. I think trying to better yourself is always a good thing. 

I plan to do a little review post after I’m done with each book. If you’d like to join me, grab a copy of It Was Me All Along, and we can discuss it soon! 

Favorite book genre? How often do you read? What’s on your reading list?

Tell me in the comments below!

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13 thoughts on “Reading List 2018

  1. Fresh books is an awesome feeling for sure. I’ve heard really good things about Present Over Perfect!
    I have so many things on my reading list. I’ve really wanted to give David Sedaris a try. And this book We’re Never Meeting in Real Life I’ve heard about sounds like a lot of fun too!

    • Me too! If you like travel memoirs, I’d highly recommend My Life in France, Julie and Julia, A Year in Provence, and Under the Tuscan Sun

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