Recent Eats

Recent Eats

Today I’m sharing what I’ve been enjoying lately for my daily eats. I hope you’ll share some of your own goodies in the comments below!

Recent Eats:


Still going hard on the oats. I’ve been enjoying the dark chocolate, peanut butter combo. Natural peanut butter tastes so much better. If you haven’t tried it, please give it a try. I made the switch over two years ago and haven’t looked back! Plus, then you won’t be eating that added stuff in your peanut butter! 

Also been loving gluten free waffles with vegan butter and maple syrup or peanut butter and honey. Such a great combo! Please use pure maple syrup…none of that fake stuff!


Veggie burgers, roasted potatoes, and steamed veggies. Really simple to throw together the night before and really simple to heat up and spice up. 

Another favorite lunch has been leftover dinners and a side of fruit. Anyone else so happy that it’s now amazing produce season?! Give me all of the melons and berries–hooray!


Pizza–either making my own with gluten free crust or getting a frozen version. It’s easy to throw together and pair with fruit, a salad, or soup for a quick dinner!

Shout out to my family for already being willing to bring us meals. I am having lots of pelvic pain these days and having someone bring me a meal after work is such a blessing. THANK YOU!! <3

Recent favorite foodie finds? 

Tell me in the comments below!

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19 thoughts on “Recent Eats

  1. Yay I’m glad you have people helping you out with some meals. I can only imagine anything that takes any bit of work is just a big ol turn off right now. The easier the better! I’m also on a waffle and oats kick. I need to do peanut butter and honey together though!

    • Yes, I usually love food and cooking and taking time to plan and try new recipes. Lately I’m like please, bring me a pb&j sandwich. If I didn’t have to make it, I will take it! haha!

  2. Real maple syrup is the BEST! I love honey on waffles or pancakes too. Also . . my favorite recent foodie find has been these Purely Pinole snack cups they sent me to try. They are ready in about a minute, so easy to make, and really tasty with lots of good toppings.

  3. I am so addicted to oatmeal with peanut butter. I haven’t used natural peanut butter in a while. I should.
    I remember when my younger sister first saw natural PB. I walked in to the kitchen to see her pouring the oil down the sink. She was so confused as to why the peanut butter was wet haha.

  4. Everything looks amazing as always, Heather. Chocolate + PB + oatmeal will always be such a perfect combo. And YES. Natural peanut butter is the best. I’m hoping the pain goes away soon, but that’s awesome you have people to help you out. We need people like that 🙂

    • Thank you! I have been able to relax quite a bit after work lately so it’s been helping with pain management!

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