Recent Finds

Recent Finds

Happy Thursday! Today I’m thinking out loud with Amanda and sharing some of my recent reads, eats, and shows. Tell me what you’ve been up to recently in the comments below!

Recent Reads

  • How Not to Die By: Dr. Michael Greger. I LOVED this book! It focuses on the benefits of eating a plant-based diet and disease prevention. I learned a lot from this book about food and it’s healing and preventative capabilities. I love that it was written by a medical doctor and very science-based. The book praises a plant-based diet using a very scientific approach. I loved reading this side of things rather than the typical environmental or ethical reasons behind a plant-based diet. I’d recommend this book to anyone; whether you’re a meat eater or not, I think it’s a must read as a human who eats! 

  • Devoured: By Sophie Egan. This book is more the history behind why Americans eat the way they do. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of food/history and goes in to detail about how it came to be that way. It’s less telling you to eat or not eat a certain way and more just giving an interesting history lesson. I particularly enjoyed learning about how Pasta/Pizza/ and Italian food in general became so important to American cuisine. 

Recent Shows:

  • Girlboss: This is a Netflix original about Sophia Amoruso’s story and her rise in the fashion industry with her own business. I’m still watching it but the dialogue and characters are witty, sarcastic, and very sharp. I’ve really been enjoying it!

  • The Kindness Diaries: Another great Netflix find! This show follows a man named Leon as he tries to make his way around the globe getting by on only the kindness of others. He doesn’t bring food, money, or anything with him except for a motorbike. Each episode tells a different part of his journey. It’s a nice reminder that there are many kind people still out there!

Recent Eats:

  • So Delicious Ice Cream Bars: These new delights are so good! I’ve had a double chocolate and a mocha almond fudge and both were awesome! I used to love ice cream bars so finding a dairy free option has been amazing! 

  • Banana Everything: If you’ve known me personally for any amount of time you would know that I despised bananas. The smell or thought of them would send me in to a wave of involuntary gagging. I once put a piece of banana in to my mouth and vomited it right away. Since being pregnant, I’ve been loving bananas like they’re going out of style. I hope it sticks after she comes because they are quite versatile! 

Recent Book? Good Meal? Recent show or movie?

Tell me in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “Recent Finds

  1. That is so funny about the bananas! Especially when your aversion to them before was SO strong. Oh pregnancy. How strange.
    I’m definitely going to look into The Kindness Diaries. It sounds like just the thing I want to add into my life right now – and which maybe all of us should. I just bought my first pale of ice cream of the season and now that the weather is warmer it is feeling soooooo good.

  2. My mom told me to watch Girl Boss! That story is special to us because I read the book a few years ago right when my mom was in that “in-between” stage wanting to start a business but really unsure of herself. I then got the book for her and she LOVED IT! Fast forward to now, she has had her boutique for two years 🙂 She is a girl boss if I ever knew one.
    I just finished the book Ego Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday. Changed my life. It is a quick read, but so many truth bombs.

    • That’s awesome! I need to read the book now that I’m familiar with her story! The show is hilarious I bet you and your mom would both love it. So exciting that she’s now been a girl boss for two years! That book sounds intriguing I’l have to check it out!

  3. Hmmm… One recent book I’ve been reading is called ‘Spiritual Depression.’ It’s really really encouraging and so good. Also my favorite recent eat? Actually it would have to be the almond butter & strawberry cups I made earlier this week. They were pretty good. 🙂

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