Reliving Childhood Fun

Reliving Childhood Fun

Hola! How was your weekend? I hope that whatever you did was relaxing, fun, and productive! This Saturday I got to spend time with my parents and my niece at Dutch Wonderland and it was really fun! Growing up, my parents bought us season passes a few times, so visiting with my niece and being able to relive my favorite attractions there was so much fun.

Dutch Wonderland Fun!

Dutch Wonderland is a theme park is geared toward smaller kids and is filled with age appropriate rides. I’d highly recommend it to anyone with smaller kids (I’d say toddlers and up). My niece is just under 2 years old and there are a lot of rides for her to enjoy too. They are about 90 minutes from Philadelphia in Lancaster Pennsylvania.

Although seemingly smaller than my memories, the park was bursting with fun things from my childhood. Take the pretzel; this little photo op spot was the center of many of my childhood photos.


Now I have a shot of me with my niece in the very same iconic spot! I loved seeing the park through her eyes and watching her enjoy the sites and sounds that they have to offer.

The high diving show has been updated and changed since I was a child, but it still provided a lot of fun kid friendly entertainment. Not to mention, I got some extra snuggles during the “scary” parts of the show! 😀


She was busy all day driving the turnpike cars, steering the boat, waving to people from the train, and even digging up dinosaur bones.


I so enjoyed seeing her so excited and happy and of course feeling like a child again in a place where I spent a lot of my summers. I hope to go back again with my niece and also with my own children. Dutch Wonderland is a great family spot and you can see the extra effort the workers put in to make each child (and adult) feel special!

Favorite childhood spot? Best childhood memory? 

Tell me in the comments below!

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13 thoughts on “Reliving Childhood Fun

  1. Your niece is so cute. I just love munchkins. My favorite childhood memory is washing dishes with my sisters every night after dinner. We didn’t have a dishwasher, so we would do them together. At the time, it wasn’t something I looked forward to, but now I look back on those cozy evenings with fondness 🙂

    • That’s nice! We didn’t have a dishwasher either but I don’t have fond memories of dishwashing together–just getting stuck with doing a million dishes! haha!

  2. So glad we got to spend time with all 3 of you girls there this summer! Maybe next season we can get the guys there, too! Funny how much bigger things seem as a child, isn’t it?

    • Yes! So fun! Yes, everything was a tad smaller than I remembered–especially the high diving show place that I pictured to be a huge shamu seaworld sized stadium haha!

  3. That sounds like so much fun! And what a great memory to create with your niece! She is adorable and has the prettiest eyes! My family always went to Six Flags when I was little. But I think my favorite was going to the beach with all of my extended family and renting a condo on the beach for the week.

    • Thank you, Tara! My sister and my brother in law both have very blue eyes too! Those both sound like great fun but especially the beach! Most of my favorite memories are at the beach with my family!

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