The Road To Meet Baby

Today I’m thinking out loud with Amanda and sharing my journey to meeting my baby girl! 

The Road To Meet Baby

4 Ultrasounds: 8 week scan, anatomy scan, placenta check scan, and 33 week growth scan

4 hours of glucose testing and blood work

4 months of 100% of the time nausea and vomiting day and night

3 Shots for my blood type, 1 flu shot, and 1 Tdap vaccine shot

1 awesome gender reveal cake

1 fainting spell on the train

1 ambulance ride

2 unexpected hospital visits

2 months of daily contractions


2 mystery rashes 

5 months of hormonal acne

1 perfect baby shower

268 sleepless nights

9 months of hip and back pain

12 doctor’s appointments 

7 hours of labor

….and then there was you.

And guess what? I’d do it all again if it meant that I could hold you. I already cannot fathom a life without you. It was hard and it was all worth it. 

I’ll be back next week to share Aubrey’s birth story! Happy Weekend!

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    • Thank you! 😀 Yes! When I decided to write this post I calculated how many nights I was pregnant based on the weeks/days and then figured out how many hours that was! haha!

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