Roarin’ 20’s Weekend

Roarin’ 20’s Weekend

It’s always amazing how quickly the weekend goes isn’t it? Luckily I only have a two day work week this week thanks to Thanksgiving Break! 🙂 HALLELUJAH!

This week’s menu is looking extra fancy because I am putting to use my new dry erase board. My sister Holly got it for me for my birthday back in July but it required neon dry erase markers and I kept forgetting to get them! I finally remembered to pick some up at Target last night so I am in business now! I also picked up the new Adele CD and holy toledo it is amazing! I missed her music so much!!! Anyone else pick up the CD this weekend? If so, let me know what your favorite track is so far in the comments below!

This week’s menu looks like this:


(Sorry for the picture glare, I tried different lighting and it just wasn’t working. Kitchen lighting is no good in my apartment!)

I had a lot of fun at a 30th birthday party on Saturday night. It was her 30th birthday so the theme was “Say goodbye to your roarin’ 20’s”  & everything had a 1920’s flare to it. It was so cute. The party took place in a rustic style venue with two fire places, several rooms, and a bar area. The decorations were super cute and the food was delicious. Anyone else a huge fan of cute finger foods? I love mini bite sized foods. It makes me feel fancy and classy!


It was a surprise party so we all arrived about a half an hour before the birthday girl. At 6:30, she arrived with her husband who made her close her eyes as he guided her to the main room where we were hiding. We  turned the lights off and yelled surprise when she opened her eyes. She had no idea where she even was! It was a great reaction.

Buffet Buffet 2We then enjoyed the food and cocktails and chatted with everyone while 1920’s-style music played in the background. I particularly enjoyed the berry champagne with a frozen raspberry in it; classy and delicious!


I hope that you all had a great weekend filled with fun, relaxation, and family and/or friends! Wednesday I will be posting some healthy eating tips just in time for Thanksgiving, so tune in on Wednesday!

What has been your most memorable birthday?

Tell me in the comments below!

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