Saturday Snuggles & Sunday Brunch

Saturday Snuggles & Sunday Brunch

Hello! I hope everyone reading this had a lovely weekend! The weather has been damp and dreary in PA for quite some time now. I’m not too mad about it though, because it’s well above freezing and it’s all rain and not snow and ice! This weekend was packed with lots of family time and some yummy eating. Here’s what I was up to!

Saturday Snuggles:

Daniel had to work all day Saturday, so I decided to spend time at my parents house with my sister, parents, and my niece! We played and had lots of snuggles before she went down for a nap. During her nap, my mom, sister, and I went to a few stores and had a lovely day. I ended the day with some homemade ramen noodles and relaxing on the couch! 

Sunday Brunch

Sunday my family all went to church and then to brunch after. For the second year in a row, we went to a fancy hotel close to our church that has a great Sunday brunch each weekend. My aunt and uncle so graciously invited my whole family for brunch as their Christmas present to us all. 

For my first plate, I enjoyed a Western omelette topped with sriracha, breakfast potatoes, and some shrimp with cocktail sauce. I also happily enjoyed a cup of coffee since I can now stomach coffee again!

My second plate was more of a lunch plate with some steamed veggies, haddock, some more shrimp, and a rice salad. The rice salad was really delicious and a great gluten free alternative to the pasta salad that they had. 

Lastly, I took advantage of the chocolate fondue fountain with chocolate covered pineapple and strawberries. I think chocolate covered pineapple is to die for! 

It was a very enjoyable time with everyone and not something we get to do very often. Big thank you to my aunt and uncle for their generosity. It was delicious!

Favorite brunch food? Breakfast potatoes or hash browns?

Tell me in the comments below!

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22 thoughts on “Saturday Snuggles & Sunday Brunch

    • Thank you! It’s hard to get her still for photos these days! It’s a great buffet–I’m not really a buffet person but everything is so fresh there it’s great. They definitely had plenty of bacon there–you would have been a happy camper!

    • Absolutely! They also had a lot of cakes and cookies which I Was kind of glad I couldn’t eat because of the gluten. I would have had to be rolled outta that place!

  1. Oh man that brunch!! Never would I think of having shrimp first thing in the day, but after seeing these pictures, somehow I have the biggest craving. Jumbo shrimp with fruit and those potatoes? Yessssss I think so. What a lovely family weekend.

  2. That first picture of you and your niece is really cute. It sounds like you had a wonderful family time-filled and relaxed weekend. These are some of the best.
    A chocolate fountain? I’m not sure if I wouldn’t have made that my main meal right there ;). I’ve never had the chocolate + pineapple combination before. Interesting.

    • I know, I kind of wanted to just stick my face under the fountain hahaha! You should try the chocolate covered pineapple–so good!

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