September Goals & Intentions

September Goals & Intentions

Did August fly by for you guys? I swear the warmer months go by faster! Today I’m stopping in to share my September Goals and intentions with you for this month. I’d love to hear your own goals in the comment section! I’ll share how these goals went for me at the end of the month.

September Goals & Intentions

  • Stretch Every Day: At my medical massage therapy appointment, my therapist said that my muscles were swollen and very overworked. I am hoping to do more resting this month, less high intensity workouts, and more stretching until my neck and shoulders feel normal again. I hope to stretch every day before bed.
  • Read Two Books: In my never ending quest for less screen time, I still want to end the day reading. I hope to read at least two books this month and maybe more! 
  • Apply to One Freelance Writing Job: This is something I want to do more of and haven’t for several reasons. I am going to look in to more freelance writing opportunities and make the move to apply to at least one! 
  • Get Ahead on Posts: Last month I stayed at least 2-3 posts ahead and it was amazing! It made such a difference in my stress levels and it helped me to relax more during the week after work. I want to make this a goal for September too. 
  • Ditch Purse for Backpack: This was another suggestion given to me by my massage therapist. I want to buy a backpack and use it instead of a purse until my back feels stronger. I no longer own a backpack so I’ll be looking for one soon! No one needs to tell me to go to Target more than once 😀 

What are your September Goals? Favorite Freelance writing resource?

Tell me in the comments below!

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24 thoughts on “September Goals & Intentions

  1. I stretch every day, even if it is just a bit, and find that when I miss a day my body is cravvvvinnggg it. Which has its ups and downs of course, but in general, even a bit of stretching each day really helps ground me and keep my anxiety down. I really hope it helps out your poor kinked muscles. Get those massages booked girl!
    Freelance writing jobs! Yeah! That’s awesome. Good luck on your search and with the applications. You are definitely worthy of their time.

    • Yes, I think the stretching will help my poor back and neck and also with my anxiety and stress after a work day! Thank you! I have my next two appointments booked so far!
      Thank you, Cora! I hope to find one or two that I’m interested in!

    • Hey Emily! I havent done a ton of research yet on the best places to find freelance jobs. I’ll probably take some time to learn about different resources and see what’s out there.

  2. Well I started the Beachbody challenge, so my goals are to finish Country Heat (last day is beginning of October) and I’ve also started the C25K app, so I’d like to stick with that! It’s a bit slow right now because I can run more than what it starts you at, however I just need to trust the process to get to 3 miles eventually!

    I’d love to hear where people pick up freelance writing jobs. I’ve done some searching in the past because I’ve always thought that would be a great opportunity, however I’ve only had lucky finding what I think are “sketchy” places. I need to look into it more as well!

    • Those are great goals–good luck! Thanks, I’ve heard its a challenge to find good jobs. I’ll let you know if I have any luck!

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