Sharing the News

Sharing the News

Hello, friends! I’m currently writing this at 16 weeks pregnant and I’m so glad to have finally announced the news to you all! We decided to tell our families over Thanksgiving weekend and wanted to do something special. It was so hard to wait 10 weeks to tell my parents, but it was well worth the wait!

Telling Grandparents-to-be

I ordered these cute onesies from Etsy after my first appointment at 8 weeks. They arrived right on time and it was exactly what I was hoping for! We made small printed copies of our 8 week ultrasound picture to include in the box. We told them that it was an early Christmas present and had them open it. Luckily, we were able to capture the moment on film too! It will be a fun thing to look back on! Everyone was thrilled, cheering, crying, and everything else. It was very special! 

Telling the Aunts & Uncles-to-be

I wanted to also do something special for the aunts and uncles too! I decided to write little notes “from the baby” and attach it with some ribbon to a pacifier. I then put the pacifier in a gift box with a small ultrasound picture. 

One of my aunts was going to be at the house at the same time as my family, so I wanted to be sure she also had something to open. I decided to tape the ultrasound picture to a Prego jar of sauce! She thought it was pretty funny! 

Telling Everyone Else:

We then told the rest of our  family members throughout December as we saw them for holiday gatherings, etc. It was a lot of fun spreading the good news and it’s great now that everyone knows! I’m excited to share my journey with you all and appreciate all of your kind words!

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