Sleeping While Pregnant

Sleeping While Pregnant

Perhaps this post should be entitled “Not sleeping While Pregnant”. Ever since the day I took my positive pregnancy test, I have had trouble sleeping. Now that I’m in my third trimester and ever growing, getting rest in seems even more impossible. I sing praises out to the heavens if I sleep for a two or three hour stretch. Luckily, my friends at Casper created a helpful napping 101 guide which is a great resource for expecting moms, new parents, or someone struggling with insomnia. 

Napping 101 Guide

Personal Tips:

  • Stop major guzzling 30 minutes-1 hour before sleeping: I try and slow my water intake a bit if I know a nap or sleep is on the near horizon. It’s super important to stay hydrated so make sure to hydrate before and after and have some water by your bed in case you need some during!
  • Listen to something relaxing: Sometimes my pregnant brain is wandering a 100 miles a minute when I lay down for sleep. I take a deep breath and listen to some relaxation videos or soothing music before sleep. 
  • Write down to-do list prior to sleeping: If crazy thoughts and to-do lists are plaguing your mind, write down everything that’s bothering you and everything you want to work on. Then, put it away and forget about it during your rest.
  • Schedule it during a time when baby is usually less active: Sooner or later you learn your baby’s more active times. Figure out when they seem to be less active/sleeping and shoot to rest during those times. Another must is to invest in a great supportive pillow. I’d especially encourage you to tuck one in between your legs as well as that helps me to feel more aligned. Every little bit of rest can help you feel more like a human! 
  • Darkness is your friend: Make your room nice and dark and a comfortable temperature. I like to draw the blinds, put on something soothing, and get my fan going in the background. It creates a dark, cool, and calm environment to sneak in your rest. 

I hope Casper’s napping 101 guide and my personal tips for sleeping help some of my fellow pregnant ladies out there! Thank you, Casper for sharing this with me during a very exhausting stage of life! <3 

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Best tip for sleeping better while pregnant? Are you a napper?

Tell me in the comments below!

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12 thoughts on “Sleeping While Pregnant

    • Me either! I never have been. I’ve been doing “rests” where even if I’m not sleeping I’m still relaxing with my eyes closed haha. Thank you, I hope so too!

    • Haha, I had trouble sleeping before being pregnant too. It’ll be worth it though 🙂 I’m amazed at what I can put up with for the sake of the baby haha! You’ll be a trooper!

    • Yes! I absoultely had the small bladder problem before too–now it’s just 5-6 times a night instead of 1-2 haha! That list is a lifesaver for me too!

  1. I am up all night long! Or at least it feels like it. I have always had trouble sleeping for as long as I can remember. I have a hard time falling asleep and then I wake up every couple of hours. (I always joke that my internal clock is already set for whenever I have a baby.) But, I’ve always hated taking naps because I thought it made me not be able to sleep at night. But, this guide helped clear that up! I’ll have to try some quick naps and see if that helps me! I hope you get to get back to a somewhat normal sleep schedule once the baby comes.

    • Thanks, Tara! I had trouble sleeping off and on before hand too! I’ve never been much of a napper but have had to rest when possible these days!

  2. Sleep was a challenge during pregnancy, which seems cruel since we don’t sleep once we have a newborn! 🙂
    These are good tips for anybody, pregnant or not. I try to read before bed and put away the electronics early (so far, I’m failing at that) but I still have trouble getting good deep sleep even though my toddler sleeps through the night.

  3. Sleep is something I’m trying to build a good, healthy relationship with. These tips (although I’m not preggers) are super helpful! Thanks, Heather <3

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