Survey of Fives!

Survey of Fives!

Hello everyone and happy Monday to you. I hope that you all had a great weekend! Today I wanted to share this fun little survey with you all and I hope you’ll play along in the comment section below! I saw this survey on one of my favorite blogger’s (Peanut Butter Fingers) pages and thought it would be fun! You can check out her survey answers HERE. Also, check out the rest of her blog she is awesome! On to the fun!

  • Five Places I’m Dying to Visit


Hawaii: Hiking, a surf lesson, snorkeling, and whale watching! This is #1 on my must-go list!

Tuscany Italy: Give me all of the food, please!

Australia: I’d love to check out the beauty and all of the exotic wildlife & the Great Barrier Reef

French countryside like Provence : Wine, relaxation, slow pace of life, some coffee shops, and  THE FOOD!

Aruba: I have heard such amazing things about the pink sand beaches and the scenery. Count me in!

  • Five Foods I Eat Every Day


Eggs: Every.Single.Day. They are my literal favorite food!

Nuts: Usually almonds but I’m not too picky

Greek Yogurt: I like plain Greek yogurt with honey best

Fruit: The variety changes depending on season but I always have some!

Veggies: Love peppers, mushrooms, & spinach!

  • Five Talents I Wish I Had


Ability to do math well

Coding/ website design



Cooking the perfect grilled steak 🙂


  • Five Healthy Food Bloggers I Wish Would Cook For Me Every Day



Paleo Running Momma

Simply Taralynn

Home Beccanomics

Food, Pleasure, and Health


  • Five Things I Wear Every Day (this Winter)


Sweatpants (once I get home from work of course)

Warm socks: my feet are always freezing

Winter boots: blah I hate the winter

Fleece scarf

Winter hat


  • Five Songs I Listen To On Repeat


Hello by Adele 

Talking To The Moon by Bruno Mars

Awake by Josh Groban

Blessings by Laura Story

All of the Broadway jams! I cant pick just one…its too hard! 

  • Five Beauty Products I Use Every Day


Peppermint Chapstick

Neutrogena Chamomile redness soothing cleanser

Black eyeliner

Love Spell perfume

Brown/nude eye shadows 




  • Five Movies I Can Watch On Repeat


Julie & Julia: I watch this all of the time! Just ask Daniel

No Reservations

I am Legend

The Devil Wears Prada



  • Five Random Things I Ate Yesterday


Greek Yogurt with honey

Asian-style chicken salad

String Cheese

Rice & Veggies

Chocolate brownie Larabar


Now choose a category & share your five with me 

in the comments below!

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16 thoughts on “Survey of Fives!

  1. This is such a fun post!! Places I want to visit: 1. Bora Bora 2. Aruba 3. Italy 4. London 5. Greece / Beauty Products I use everyday: 1. Loreal Mascara 2. Mary Kay Cleanser & Moisturizer 3. Burt’s Bees chapstick 4. Victoria’s Secret Lip Gloss 5. Heavenly Perfume / My number one talent would be the math – I’m awful at it! LOL and I always have on socks in the winter!!

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