Monthly Must-Haves: February 2017

Happy first day of March, people! I am crossing my fingers for a Spring-like no-snow March here in PA! Today I’m sharing some of my favorites from last month with you. As always, please share your favorites in the comment section below! Monthly Must-Haves: February 2017 Food/Drink: Ramen Broth:I’m sure my love of ramen is … Read moreMonthly Must-Haves: February 2017

Monthly Must-Haves: January 2017

Before we spring on over to February, I’m sharing my favorites from last month with you all. As always, I’d love to hear your favorites in the comment section below.  Monthly Must-Haves: January 2017 Food/Drink: Schar Gluten Free Pizza Crusts: I used to love getting flat breads and pizza crusts and then making my own pizzas … Read moreMonthly Must-Haves: January 2017

Monthly Must-Haves: September 2016

Happy October! Before we gear up for a wonderfully fall October, I’m talking about my must-haves from September! I’d love to hear about your favorites from September in the comments below. As usual I’ll be sharing favorites from four categories: Food/Drink, Entertainment, fashion/beauty, and home goods.  Food/Drink: Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal: As I’m sure you will know by … Read moreMonthly Must-Haves: September 2016

Monthly Must-Haves: August 2016

Happy September, everyone! Before you bust out your pumpkin and flannels, let’s reminisce on some of my favorite August items, shall we? I’ll be picking items from the usual categories of Food/Drink, Entertainment, Health/Beauty, and Home goods.  Food/Drink: Hummus Toast & Fried Eggs: I know everyone is always loving on avocado toast, and for good reason! … Read moreMonthly Must-Haves: August 2016

Monthly Must-Haves: July 2016

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! I had a wonderful birthday weekend which I’ll be talking about for Wednesday’s post! Let’s get on with my must-have’s for July and as always, please chime in with your favorites in the comment section below!  Food/Drink: Vegan Cream Cheese: I’ve tried a few vegan cream cheese spreads … Read moreMonthly Must-Haves: July 2016

Monthly Must-Haves: May 2016

Wow, did May go by really fast for you? It flew by for me! The warm months always fly by and the colder months drag on and on and on! Today I’ll be sharing my favorite May items in my usual categories: Food/Drink, Fashion/Beauty, Entertainment, & Home Goods. Food/Drink Parfaits: Since the warmer weather has begun, … Read moreMonthly Must-Haves: May 2016

Monthly Must-Haves: April 2016

Hello and welcome to my monthly must-haves post where I share my favorites from the previous month in four categories: Food/Drink, Fashion/Beauty, Entertainment, & Home Goods.  Food & Drink: Raspberry ginger tea: I always love the idea of hot tea specifically meant to ease digestive issues, but HATE licorice. This raspberry tea contains no licorice and … Read moreMonthly Must-Haves: April 2016