5 Ways to Show Kindness This Holiday

Most of us would agree, that we have the basics. We may not be the richest or the most successful in our careers, but we have a lot to be thankful for. Food on the table for every meal, a place to call home, loved ones to talk to, and the ability to travel or … Read more5 Ways to Show Kindness This Holiday

5 Ways to Live With Less

Today I wanted to share some thoughts on having what you need versus having what you want. I think that Americans in general love to own “stuff”. We clutter our homes with knick-knacks, shove our closets with clothes we don’t need, and order things online impulsively. It’s easy to do these days with online shopping … Read more5 Ways to Live With Less

Happier One Day at a Time

Last week I read a great post on Cora’s My Little Tablespoon blog that really struck a cord with me. She talked about giving yourself small gifts each day in order to make you a happier and more positive person. Read her post here: Creating a Life You don’t Want to Run Away From.  I think … Read moreHappier One Day at a Time