5 Things to Remember When Overwhelmed

The holiday season is certainly a wonderful time of the year filled with family and parties and fun. However, with the fun comes a certain amount of stress and planning. Today I’m here to share 5 things to remember when you’re feeling overwhelmed. I hope it helps you during this fun and busy time of … Read more5 Things to Remember When Overwhelmed

The Importance of Doing Nothing

Happy Monday, friends! Today I wanted to pop in and share some thoughts on being busy. Our culture loves to glorify being busy. If you don’t have a packed schedule, stressful work life, and a million things to get done in one day, you’re assumed to be doing something wrong. Being constantly on the go … Read moreThe Importance of Doing Nothing

5 Ways to Boost Your Mood

I’m typing this up late Sunday afternoon which is usually about the time the Monday Blues start to kick in. The excitement of the weekend has worn off and the upcoming work week is looming ahead. I have a hard time not feeling down Sunday evening; so here are 5 ways to increase your mood almost … Read more5 Ways to Boost Your Mood

Happier One Day at a Time

Last week I read a great post on Cora’s My Little Tablespoon blog that really struck a cord with me. She talked about giving yourself small gifts each day in order to make you a happier and more positive person. Read her post here: Creating a Life You don’t Want to Run Away From.  I think … Read moreHappier One Day at a Time

Family Time, Car Struggles, & Mother’s Day Eats

Hello everyone I hope that you all had a great weekend and a great Mother’s day! I worked a half day on Friday and had lunch with my sister, niece, cousin and her baby at my cousin’s house. Does anyone else out there love a good lunch special? Nothing is better than an affordable combo … Read moreFamily Time, Car Struggles, & Mother’s Day Eats