Thankful Hearts

Thankful Hearts

Happy Monday, friends! I hope that all of my American readers enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday and had a fun restful weekend. I had plenty of fun and relaxation during my long weekend. Here’s a few highlights.


I woke up and made two dishes to bring for Thanksgiving while watching the parade. For dinner, I made a cauliflower stuffing. It’s a gluten free/low carb stuffing option. I was happy with how it turned out and I’d definitely make it again. I used this recipe for the stuffing. 


We enjoyed an early dinner at Daniel’s parents house with Daniel’s father’s side of the family this year. Although my plate doesn’t look like the typical Thanksgiving spread, it was delicious nonetheless.


After hanging out with his family for a while we headed to my sister’s house for dessert. I made Kat’s Vegan Cinnamon Roll Cake and it was a winner! I’d highly recommend this recipe this holiday season! 


Friday Decorating

I decided I would definitely NOT be partaking in any Black Friday shopping. Instead I spent the day relaxing and decorating the apartment for Christmas. There’s something so cozy about the Christmas tree lights filling the living room. Hot chocolate was consumed, Christmas music was played, and a pajama day was in full effect. 


Christmas Cookie Day

We enjoyed our 2nd annual Christmas kick off cookie baking day on Saturday. We made a whole day out of it with a breakfast spread, cookie making, Christmas movie watching, and dinner. Since my niece is a little older this year, she was really in to helping with decorating and baking them. So cute! 


We made my grandmother’s sand tart recipe, chocolate chip cookies, and peanut butter chip cookies. I hope we continue this fun tradition each year! What’s your favorite Christmas cookie to make and/or eat every year? 


What did you do on Thanksgiving? Favorite Thanksgiving dish? Best Christmas cookie?

Tell me in the comments below!

Last Year’s Thanksgiving:

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  1. Aw what a lovely weekend. A day of christmas decorating, hot chocolate and pajamas – although I still can’t believe its time for that – sounds sooooo wonderful. When it comes to cookies, I let my mom and friends do all the traditional baking (I provide them with the weird stuff through the year). My mom’s shortbread and fudge are the first two things I head for when I come home. Oh and I have to find some regular old sugar cookies with icing. Mmmm.

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